All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music Hosts Discussion on Racial Profiling Of Black Music Events 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music met to discuss the historical and ongoing challenges faced by Black artists and fans.

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23.05.2024: The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Music met to discuss the historical and ongoing challenges faced by Black artists and fans. 

Makeda Bennett-Amparbeng, a campaigner and founder of SDS Entertainment, presented to the MPs, explaining how the new voluntary partnership approach mirrors Form 696 in all but name. 

Form 696 was a risk assessment form previously used by the Metropolitan Police that disproportionately targeted Black artists and their fans. The form put undue pressure on venues, often leading to the cancellation of events based solely on the genre or ethnicity of the performers. Although Form 696 was scrapped in 2019, its legacy lives on through a new ‘voluntary partnership approach’ that continues to affect the Black music community. 

Makeda highlighted the systemic issues still facing Black music events and the broader implications for artists and fans. 

The session also featured UK Music Diversity Taskforce Chair Ammo Talwar and Deputy Chair Paulette Long, who presented their plans for a new report, Full Diversity, Full Return, which aims to measure the economic impact of Black music in the UK.  

Following the presentations, there was a Q&A session allowing attendees of the cross-party group of MPs and Peers to engage directly with the topic. APPG on Music Chair Kevin Brennan MP, Baroness Jenny Chapman and Jeff Smith MP all asked insightful questions on the form and how they could help.  

UK Music’s Manifesto for Music calls on the Government to commission an independent review into how the Metropolitan Police and local authorities handle Black music events. This review is crucial to ensure fair and unbiased treatment for all music genres and artists. 

Music industry attendees at the meeting including Charisse Beaumont (Black Lives in Music), Janeace Thompson (PRS for Music), Kienda Hoji (Westminster School of Arts), Ornella Nsio (MPA), Martin Ghrabie (BPI), Kasia Lesniak (CAA), Sarah Gregory (Creative UK), Paul Broadhurst (GLA) and Nina Radojewski (AIM), alongside Tom Kiehl, Dougie Brown, Eunice Obianagha and Hannah McLennan from UK Music. 

At the start of the meeting, the APPG also held its AGM, confirming the groups finances, annual report and officers for the year ahead. The Chair of the APPG is Kevin Brennan MP and the officers of the group are Pete Wishart MP, Dehenna Davison MP and Alex Sobel MP. Lord Clement-Jones is the APPG on Music’s Lords’ spokesperson. 

Find out more about the APPG on Music here.

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