Equality & Diversity

UK Music Diversity Taskforce

The UK Music Diversity Taskforce informs UK Music's work to boost inclusion and diversity across the industry.

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Established in 2015, with Chair Keith Harris OBE, the Diversity Taskforce works to inform UK Music’s work to boost inclusion and diversity across the industry.

It includes representatives from the core industry sectors: major and indie record labels, music publishers, trade organisations, collection societies and the British live music industry.

Mission Statement

The UK Music Diversity Taskforce will collectively improve equity, diversity and inclusion across the music industry workforce for everyone. 

It will achieve this by:

  • Producing a biennial report on diversity in the music industry.
  • Driving change through an evidence-based approach which includes lived experience.
  • Regular communication with the music industry and broader creative industries to highlight best practice and the benefits of a diverse workforce.
  • Seeking to improve representation at all levels of the industry workforce, including senior management and Board level.
  • Working with trade bodies, Government and the broader sector on the benefits of inclusivity to support music industry growth.
  • Dedicated work streams, for example the sharp focus on gender and race in line with the UK Music Ten-Point Plan.

Members of the Diversity Taskforce

In 2019 Keith Harris stepped down as Chair and Ammo Talwar MBE was appointed as the new Chair. The Deputy Chair of the Taskforce is Paulette Long OBE.

The secretariat is Eunice Obianagha.

As of November 2023:

  • Silvia Montello (AIM)
  • MJ Olaore (BPI)
  • Gennaro Castaldo (BPI)
  • Hailey Willington (BPI)
  • David Martin (FAC)
  • Billie Morton Riley (FAC)
  • Charlie Philips (The Ivors Academy)
  • Charlene Brown (The Ivors Academy)
  • Maria McMillan (The Ivors Academy)
  • Anneliese Harmon (MMF)
  • Paul Bonham (MMF)
  • Anneliese Harmon (MMF)
  • Annabella Coldrick (MMF)
  • Helen Choudhury (MPA)
  • Matt Taylor (MPG)
  • Eve Horne (MPG)
  • Lisa Murray (MPG)
  • John Shortell (MU)
  • Diljeet Bhachu (MU)
  • Tomi Oyewumi (PPL)
  • Kate Reilly (PPL)
  • Suzanne Hughes (PRS for Music)
  • Janeace Thompson (PRS for Music)
  • Louisa Starling (PPL/PRS)
  • Charlotte Edgeworth (Sony)
  • Marcia Fray (Warner)
  • Natasha Mann (Universal)
  • Wozzy Brewster (Independent / Midi Music Company)
  • Anthony Emms (Independent / CAA)
  • Funke Awoderu(LiveNation)
  • Paul Hawkins (Attitude is Everything)
  • Kasia Lesniak (CAA)
  • Kienda Hoji (Independent)
  • Indy Vidyalankara (Independent)
  • Lisa Young In (Independent)
  • Mervyn Lyn (Independent)