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A Manifesto For Music

Music industry leaders have unveiled a Manifesto for Music that urges the next Government to develop a comprehensive, medium to long-term music strategy for growth.

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The UK is world-leading when it comes to music. We are the world’s second largest music exporter, home to iconic global festivals and venues, and boast some of the most well-known and sought-after musicians working today.

The UK’s music sector still has significant growth potential, with Goldman Sachs predicting that the value of the global recorded music market will double by 2030 to $50.1 billion, while the live
sector is expected to increase by a third to $39.5 billion.

However, there is increasing global competition from other countries vying for a share of this expanding market. Without action, the UK risks being overtaken by countries who are more proactive and ambitious in promoting and supporting their music sectors.

As we approach a general election, now is the time to set out what the UK music industry needs to supercharge growth and seize the opportunities of the future. Whatever the composition of the next Government and Parliament, it is imperative that policymakers take urgent action to support and grow the music industry.

This manifesto urges the next Government to develop a comprehensive, medium to long-term music strategy for growth. A forward-thinking roadmap, formulated by policymakers and industry, will drive growth and success through this crucial period.

To help achieve this, this manifesto sets out a range of evidence-based policies, developed by UK Music members and stakeholders across the sector.

Our ten objectives for the next Government:

  1. Encourage responsible artificial intelligence
  2. Safeguard copyright and intellectual property
  3. Boost music exports.
  4. Supercharge sector growth.
  5. Protect music spaces.
  6. Improve music education.
  7. Progress diversity and inclusion.
  8. Enhance freelancer protections.
  9. Support public service broadcasting.
  10. Utilise music to benefit society.

Read the full manifesto here, which gives more depth into each objectives and sets out a range of policy suggestions that the Government should implement.

UK Music Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl with Toploader.


UK Music’s Tom Kiehl and Hannah McLennan with MP Simon Baynes.


Hannah, Tom and Dougie visited Kempton Street Studios whilst in Liverpool to talk about some of the issues facing the sector and share UK Music’s Manifesto for Music.