Youth Challenge To Promote Value Of Creative Copyright

Young people are set to benefit from a new competition launched today by the Intellectual Property Office in partnership with UK Music.

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21.11.2012: Young people are set to benefit from a new competition launched today by the Intellectual Property Office in partnership with UK Music.

The competition, MusicBiz, is aimed at 14 to 18 years olds to raise their awareness of music downloading, filesharing and the value of creative copyright.

MusicBiz is fronted by Newton Faulkner, the English singer-songwriter and musician known for his unique style of guitar playing.

Highlighting creative people’s passion for what they do, Newton said:

“We love it and it’s what we do. I think we would do it whether we got paid or not but I believe whether you are making music, film or making something – it should be a job and there must be the possibility of a career. “

The UK has always had a thriving music industry and 2012 marks the 60th anniversary of the Official Singles Chart.  UK Music estimates that around £4 billion is generated per year by the music industry, which provides more than 130,000 UK jobs.  Despite this the industry faces challenges with consumer behaviour.  Research shows that young people, despite having an inherent awareness of copyright, frequently choose to download illegally and share music over the internet.  MusicBiz aims to raise awareness of the value of copyright to the industry, and all the people employed within it.

The Intellectual Property Office’s Chief Executive, Sean Dennehey said:

“Making music takes a lot of time, effort and skill. It is only right that those putting the effort in get paid for their living.

“Raising awareness amongst young people of the value of copyright and our creative industries is essential if we are to encourage people into a creative career, protect appropriate rewards and ensure growth in this important sector. “

Jo Dipple CEO of UK Music said:

“We are very pleased to be working with the IPO on this campaign. The musical landscape in this country is extraordinary.  UK Music wants to help teach young people to appreciate the value of their own creativity as well as the creativity of artists they love.  Raising awareness around copyright is a step toward this and a huge priority for UK Music and its membership.  We want to build a far stronger connection between young music fans and the music they love. With help from the IPO and Government, we can engage millions of young people to learn more, and engage more with the industry.”

MusicBiz invites entrants, who may be in a team of up to five individuals, to create a short film or storyboard telling how songwriters, artists and bands are rewarded for their creativity. Entrants can choose the theme, but they must include the five words: Copyright, Royalty, Design, Performers and Original. The winners will get to spend an afternoon with Newton Faulkner, VIP passes to a gig and music download vouchers. There will also be prizes for 10 runners-up, including music download vouchers and goody bags.

The competition will close on 19 April 2013.

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