What’s On The MAP? – University of Gloucestershire Students Work With The BBC

UK Music’s Music Academic Partnership (MAP) secures work for students of MAP partner, the University of Gloucestershire, with the BBC at the Great Get Together.

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15.08.2022: Music Academic Partnership (MAP) partner, University of Gloucestershire students work with the BBC at The Great Get Together.

University of Gloucestershire students at The Great Get Together

UK Music helped secure the placement for four students, who filmed the BBC Singers at The Great Get Together at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for BBC Introducing. The quartet are all film production students. 

After taking the lead in both filming the event on Saturday July 23 and editing the footage, the students gave their views. 

Ethan Thomas said: “The atmosphere at the event was so positive, everyone just seemed to be having a blast which is always the best environment to be working in. I loved the diversity of the performers on all the stages, so many different art forms, cultures, and voices got to shine, and it was a pleasure to capture even a portion of it. It felt truly enriching, which is so true to the heart of the Olympics and what we were celebrating as a nation 10 years ago.”

Jamie Elvins said: “This was such a great opportunity for us, and I am so grateful we were able to be a part of it. It was lovely to see so many people come together again the atmosphere was so amazing and the team we were working with were so welcoming. I went to the Olympics when I was 12 and this event managed to capture the same feeling of warmth and acceptance. It was really cool to get the chance to come back to the park 10 years on as a crew.”

Max Roberts said: “I am incredibly grateful to have gotten the chance to work on this event and to add to that, the atmosphere there was so positive and impactful. I enjoyed just standing around in the middle of filming as everyone looked so happy, having the best time. So many different cultures and genres were being embraced, there was something for everyone. It felt special. In addition, the team were all unbelievably kind, supportive, and accommodating throughout. I could tell everyone involved felt that atmosphere.” 

Laura Makai said: “We are so lucky to have been a part of this event and team. Everyone was so kind, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. It was just a great vibe overall. The event was fabulous, the performers were fantastic. It was so much fun to work on and was also great for developing our skills in what felt like a safe space. We got to see the behind-the-scenes of a real event and be a part of it all. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this team and to experience such a diverse festival.”

BBC Music Introducing’s Network Producer Fuzz Chaudry said: “It was a pleasure working with Laura, Ethan, Jamie and Max. I was impressed by their knowledge, and how much care and diligence they put into their work. Their passion was exciting to see and they are a credit to the University of Gloucestershire. Thanks so much again to UK Music for your support.”

UK Music’s Director of Education & Skills Dr Oliver Morris said: “It’s fantastic that these students were able to work on this event. The fact we have such a good relationship with the BBC that facilitates opportunities like this means a lot to us and as you can see from the quotes, to the students too. MAP was formed to help create strong links between industry and educational providers and this is a great example of young professionals being able to access paid work opportunities in a professional context but through a tested a partnership that allays some of the issues they may have as early-career freelancers. It offers a supportive environment within which they can build experience and a professional network and creates fantastic content at the same time.”

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