What’s On The MAP? UAL Awarding Body Launches New Music Playlist

15.08.2023: UK Music takes a closer look at the new music student playlist from UAL Awarding Body. 

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15.08.2023: UK Music takes a closer look at the new music student playlist from UAL Awarding Body. 

UAL Awarding Body designs and awards creative qualifications that empower and inspire educators to help students reach their creative potential.

Its qualifications enable a flexible approach when it comes to both teaching and learning, allowing students the creative freedom throughout their study journey to equip them with the confidence and skills necessary to enter a real-world creative landscape.

UAL Awarding Body’s annual Origins Creatives exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come together to celebrate student creativity and hard work.

Taking place at the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, this year’s exhibition brought together student work from across the UAL subject areas of Art and Design, Fashion Business and Retail, Creative Media, Music Performance and Production, Performing Arts, Entry Level 3 Certificates and the Extended Project Qualification.

Alongside physical artworks, film and games, guests also had the opportunity to listen to original student music at audio points throughout the exhibition and hear songs by up-and-coming musicians.

Charlie Levine, Curator of Origins Creatives 2023, said:

“This exhibition [was] an opportunity for [students’] work to be considered (potentially for the first time) beyond an education setting, to be seen amongst arts and culture professionals and shape the zeitgeist for ‘what’s next’.

“These are the voices that will mould our understanding of the world through their creative interpretations and presentation of it.”

Listen to the talented young musicians on UAL Awarding Body’s Origins Creatives 2023 SoundCloud playlist.

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