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29.06.2021: In the second of a new blog series, UK Music takes a closer at BIMM Institute and learns more about their new project for students from underrepresented groups.

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29.06.2021: In the second of a new blog series, UK Music takes a closer at BIMM Institute and learns more about their new project for students from underrepresented groups.

BIMM Institute’s The Greenhouse Enterprise Programme is aimed at improving equality of opportunity for entrepreneurial students and graduates. The scheme will offer training, coaching, and funding for entrepreneurial projects designed by students from underrepresented groups. These groups include those from Black, Asian or other ethnic minority communities to the UK, students from lower-income backgrounds and areas of low participation in Higher Education, students with disabilities, care-leavers and mature students.

The BIMM Institute has partnered with Remi Harris, from Creative United, on the project. The programme will be managed by Kashi Chellen, BIMM’s new Talent Match Coordinator for Inclusion and Diversity.

Working as part of BIMM’s Talent and Employability team, Kashi will identify students who have fantastic business ideas and enrol them on a programme of development to help them realise their business potential.

As a young woman of colour working her way through the music industry, Kashi is no stranger to facing challenges and has her eyes set on carving out a more diverse space where inclusivity is a priority.

Kashi is passionate about creating work opportunities that give an authentic experience of the music industry and nurturing the business ideas of self-starters.

Greenhouse entrepreneurs will enrol on the Creative Business Essentials course run by Remi Harris MBE, an award-winning trainer and business advisor to the Creative Industries.

The course will cover all the essential elements new entrepreneurs need to know – from registering a business and building awareness to contracts, business bank accounts, taxes, collaborations and values.

Remi Harris said:

“Creative Business Essentials aims to demystify the things that new business owners can find a headache, including managing their finances, getting new business and handling growth.

“It has had great feedback from young creative entrepreneurs, and I’m excited to bring the training to the Greenhouse entrepreneurs from BIMM”.

Once the course is completed, participants will join Creative United for one-to-one coaching sessions. Creative United has an extensive network of business coaches with experience in supporting the creative industries. They will help BIMM Institute students implement their skills, create a plan for their business and getting it to market.

Sarah Thirtle, Director of Business Support Programmes at Creative United, said:

“Creative United is thrilled to be partnering with BIMM and Remi Harris to provide advice, coaching and guidance to our future music industry business leaders.

“As a Community Interest Company, we strive to enable those in the creative and arts sectors to achieve their ambitions for growth and impact with their enterprises.”

Kashi Chellen, Talent Coordinator for Inclusion and Diversity at BIMM Institute:

“We’ve started receiving applications and are already so impressed by the exciting, creative and highly imaginative calibre of business ideas we’re seeing come in that we’re so looking forward to supporting them!

“I feel really honoured to be part of a scheme that helps nurture these creative business ideas and see our students/alumni flourish into their own sustainable businesses.”

Dr Oliver Morris, Director of Education & Skills at UK Music said:

“It’s so fantastic to see a project such as this being rolled out by BIMM – a valued part of our Music Academic Partnership – to assist their students’ ambitions and aspirations.

“Entrepreneurialism is such a foundation of the creative industries and to see the next generation of music professionals being supported to innovate and develop the industry they love is truly inspiring. Working with music industry stalwart Remi Harris will give them so much amazing insight too!”

“BIMM is such a beacon of good practice with their work in this area and I’m sure the fantastic Kashi Chellen will make a great success of it. I’m always inspired by the work of BIMM’s Head of Careers & Employability Mel Thornton and team – they really do go the extra mile for their students.”

In the final stage of the programme, all entrepreneurs who complete the Greenhouse Enterprise Programme will receive funding from BIMM, allocated by a panel of industry experts.

Find out more about UK Music’s Music Academic Partnership here.

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