UK Music welcomes Richard Hooper’s report into copyright

‘Copyright Works’ by Richard Hooper CBE and Dr Ros Lynch recommends measures aimed at streamlining copyright licensing in the digital age.

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‘Copyright Works’ by Richard Hooper CBE and Dr Ros Lynch recommends measures aimed at streamlining copyright licensing in the digital age.  The primary proposal is the creation of a ‘Copyright Hub’ that would link existing private and public sector rights registries and other copyright-related databases.

The hub would support the two music industry database projects: the Global Repertoire Database and the Global Recording Database. “The two GRDs will be exemplars for others to learn from and follow” Hooper says.

UK Music agreed that the industry will also provide the Secretary of State at BIS with an annual progress report. Hooper said he hoped: “other industry sectors do the same.”

Chief Executive of UK Music Jo Dipple said: 

“The front-footedness of the British music industry has been rightly recognised in Richard’s report.  Our industry has shown great leadership in enabling the digital market place.

But there is work to be done and UK Music has tasked itself to give the Secretary of State an annual update on the proposals. It is very important that we work together to maintain the momentum this process has created.

We look forward to hearing Government’s response to specific proposals.”

Robert Ashcroft Chief Executive PRS for Music:

“We both welcome and support Richard Hooper’s findings and will work with our partners in the industry to meet the challenges he identifies, providing a better licensing environment for all.   Looking ahead, we believe that the Copyright Hub recommended by Hooper could place Britain at the very centre of the global, online market for the creative industries.  Coupled with industry efforts for a Global Repertoire Database (GRD), it will prove to be a critical building block in what must inevitably be an international project.”

Peter Leathem, Chief Executive of PPL said:

“In their very sensible report Richard Hooper and Dr. Ros Lynch have understood the importance of robust data to support licensing in the digital age and the efforts that PPL, and its record company and performer members, have made on this front. Even though there is more to be done they have helpfully suggested building on such work to make both direct and collective licensing solutions even more compelling to businesses. PPL has also committed to continue to develop its licensing services and will collaborate with the wider music industry to achieve this. We are delighted that the progress the music industry has been making in delivering licensing models has been recognised, particularly at a time after the opening ceremony of the Olympics last Friday which demonstrated on a global stage the cultural value and commercial importance of music to the UK.”

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