UK Music Welcomes Major Victory Over EU Copyright Reforms

MEPs have voted in favour of the Copyright Directive in a pivotal victory for the #LoveMusic campaign.

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27/03/2019: MEPs have voted in favour of the Copyright Directive in a pivotal victory for the #LoveMusic campaign. 

Creators, senior politicians and music industry leaders join forces for a #LoveMusic event outside Google's London HQ

The proposals to reform copyright were passed by the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday (March 26) by 348 votes to 274.

UK Music would like to thank all the Euro MPs who backed this important change in the face of a barrage of misinformation. 

We would also like to thank all our UK Music members, as well as all the other creators and campaigners who fought so hard to secure this vital change. 

It is a huge step forward for creators, the UK music industry and the millions who love the music we produce.

UK Music and its members have always supported constructive steps to foster a fair music Iicensing environment that benefits creators, performers and those who invest in them.

We have campaigned for this together through our  #LoveMusic campaign which has exposed some of the myths spread by some big tech firms that tried to block these vital changes.

CEO Michael Dugher said

“This is a pivotal victory for our #LoveMusic campaign and a hugely important day for creators in the music industry.

“We are massively grateful to the MEPs who supported us in this fight and voted in favour of the  Copyright Directive against a tide of misinformation from our opponents.

“I believe these reforms will maintain the world-leading position of our music industry which contributes £4.5bn a year to our economy.

“We now ask the EU Council to back the Directive and will work with our members and partners to ensure the proposals are properly implemented to produce the outcome that the Directive was originally designed to achieve.”

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