UK Music Welcomes Culture Minister’s Intervention On Form 696

Praise for Matt Hancock MP after raising concerns about use of form with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

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UK Music has issued the following statement after Culture Minister Matt Hancock wrote to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan expressing concerns about the use of form 696 in assessing some live music events.

UK Music chief executive Jo Dipple said: “UK Music thanks the Minister who has a track record of stepping in to support British musicians. It is important to make sure form 696 is not being unfairly used against particular musical genres. Discrimination against any musician damages all of us. It reduces the diversity of our output and limits our ability to reach our economic potential.

“We ask that anyone with first-hand experience of misuse of form 696 contacts UK Music. British music is successful because it is diverse. It is right that Government is stepping in on this issue and we will work with the Minister, the Mayor’s office and the Metropolitan Police to properly examine and address any misuse of this form. It must be emphasised that this is not a criticism of the Met Police who do amazing work in very difficult circumstances.”

Mr Hancock wrote to the Mayor following concerns that the form can be used to single out particular genres such as grime and deter the staging of some events.

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