UK Music Talent Pipeline tour kicks off at University of Hertfordshire

Over 150 students across all year groups and degree schemes attended the session

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21/09/18: UK Music got our Talent Pipeline tour off to a brilliant start yesterday at the University of Hertfordshire, with more than 150 students attending the session.

A mix of year groups across all degree-schemes came to the talks, which were hosted by our Director of Education and Skills Oliver Morris, and featured Ninja (The Go! Team), Lenny Bedford (Head Of Content at Kycker) and Andrew Hunt (MPG Breakthrough Producer Award winner 2017).

Ninja gave an insightful and entertaining talk on many different roles and how they relate to her as an artist – including the Stage Manager who said “just don’t touch the amps” as she went onstage to perform in a storm.

Andrew outlined the many different types of producer and how he works. He said it’s important to take any opportunity you get but don’t expect to be giving creative input straight away: “If I’m running a recording session I need an assistant to do what needs doing, I don’t need you to show off your skills. Your time will come but in that moment I know what my vision is and I need you to do the job you’re being paid for.”

Lenny talked students through Kycker and outlined the many ways in which tech is changing the industry. 

Oli encouraged students to engage with any task they were doing and do it well and with a smile: “Be the person they want to invite back next time there’s some work. You will get a good reputation and others will hear about you.”

The morning was followed by a networking session, for students to ask questions and get advice from the speakers.

The University’s Head of Music Tim Blinko said: “The students really enjoyed it and it was a good mixture of speakers! Thanks for all your work to make it happen.”

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