UK Music Staff Share First Music Buys To Mark Record Store Day

16.07.2021: To Celebrate Record Store Day this Saturday (July 17th), staff at UK Music have revealed the first ever album or single they bought.

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16.07.2021: To Celebrate Record Store Day this Saturday (July 17th), staff at UK Music have revealed the first album or single they bought.

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, Chief Executive

“Record stores are a core part of our community and have been an indispensable part of British musical history. Every music lover will have their own special record store memory. I remember buying my first album when I was a boy – S Club by S Club 7. We all start somewhere!”

Jennifer Geddes, Communications Manager

“The first album I ever bought was Spice Girls’ Spiceworld. I was 10 and I wanted to be Sporty Spice. I still know the dance moves to Stop.”

Hannah McLennan, Parliamentary and Research Manager

“I still remember the day I went to the HMV in Putney shopping centre to buy my first two singles: My Humps by Black Eyed Peas and Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter. A pretty questionable duo for an eight-year-old but I’m glad I had a range of emotions covered. I’d like to say my music taste has developed since then but I still have some fairly eclectic playlists on the go at any given time – and I would definitely be on the dance floor if Black Eyed Peas came on.”

Matt Bold, Policy & Campaigns Officer

“The first album that I ever bought was Green Day’s American Idiot, whose panorama of decay, half-forgotten characters and interconnected pop rock ballads blew my 12-year-old mind and still in a small way defines what an album should look like to me.

Dr Oliver Morris, Director of Education

“The first album I remember buying was Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables by the Dead Kennedys. I remember vividly walking down to Spillers in Cardiff with my best mate Suggett – we also got our noses pierced!”

Rachel Bolland, Director of Operations & Head of Diversity

“I do remember the first record I bought myself on vinyl record. It was Antidotes by Foals, which I already owned on CD and had burned onto my iPod, but wanted to own on wax too. It came with a poster of the incredible artwork, still one of my favourite ever album covers. I bought it in Fopp in Byres Road in Glasgow when it was still an independent record store, but has sadly now closed.

Tom Kiehl, Deputy CEO and Director of Public Affairs

“The first album I bought was Now That’s What I Call Music 13. It’s scary to think that there have now been 95 subsequent NOW compilations but the very first record I bought with my own money was the 13th edition after Christmas 1988. Was I inspired by Milli Vanilli, Brother Beyond, the Proclaimers? No, the selling point was surely side one track one – The Only Way is Up by Yazz and the Plastic Population! 

Vincent Moss, Director Of Communications

“As a kid with limited pocket money, I used to collect Smith’s crisp packets – if you got 20 you could get a choice of eight free “flexidisc” 45rpm singles. I think I got all of them, which included tracks by The Stylistics, Slade, The Rubettes, Status Quo and Showaddwaddy. The first record I bought with actual cash was Tom Robinson Band’s debut album Power in the Darkness from a long-gone record shop in Horsham, West Sussex, called Sounds Groovy.

Please support your local record store.

Find out more about Record Store Day here.


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