UK Music reacts to General Election result

Michael Dugher says the situation is still unfolding but looks forward to working with new Government

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09/06/2017: The electorate returned a hung Parliament at the General Election with the Conservatives losing their overall majority.

Prime Minister Theresa May has agreed a deal with the Democratic Unionst Party to continue in Government.

Responding to the result, UK Music chief executive Michael Dugher said: “UK Music congratulates all those elected at the General Election. Clearly the dust is settling and the situation will continue to unfold in the coming days, so we await developments.

“But over the coming weeks there will be many discussions about the future direction the country will take. It is paramount that the interests of the music industry are fully considered in those conversations and we look forward to engaging positively and working closely with the new parliament and the next government.

“The political parties each made welcome commitments to build on the successes of creative industries, and music in particular, throughout the election campaign. We will be holding their feet to the fire to ensure that they deliver on those pledges. Brexit is clearly the biggest issue facing the country – and our industry – and we will ensure that the interests of our members across the Music industry are protected.”

UK Music had outlined the key policy priorities to protect and develop the music industry for the years ahead in its Music Manifesto 2017 which can be read here

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