UK Music looks forward to panel at Conservative Party Autumn Conference

The event will take place on Tuesday 2 October – 1pm to 2pm - at the Adante, Hyatt Regency, Birmingham

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27.09.18: UK Music has lined up a fantastic panel to discuss our keynote theme this year of the talent pipeline at the Conservative Party Autumn Conference.

Our panel line-up in Birmingham will be Margot James MP (Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries), Damian Collins MP (Chair, DCMS Select Committee) and Julian Lloyd Webber (Principal of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Chairman Sistema England).

The event will take place on Tuesday 2 October – 1pm to 2pm –  at the Adante, Hyatt Regency, Birmingham.

This is inside the secure zone, so please note that you will require a pass required to attend the event.

Our event is focused on our new talent pipeline report. The report outlines how we are a nation that has a natural musical talent with education, infrastructure and finance all playing an important role in unlocking careers. However, real obstacles in each of these areas do exist. Evidence in research suggests there is an overall decline in music in education.

According to a recent UK Music survey 17 per cent of music creators were educated at fee-paying schools, compared with 7 per cent across the population as a whole. This matters because 50 per cent of children at independent schools receive sustained music tuition, while the figure for state schools is a mere 15 per cent.

On venues, 35 per cent of music venues have closed in the past decade, significantly reducing the chances for up and coming musicians to develop their skills in front of audiences and grow fan bases. On access to finance to pursue a career in music, UK Music‘s recent survey of music creators also revealed that 46 per cent received financial help from family and friends at some point in the development of their professional career.

Google’s YouTube needs to do fairer deals. At present, creators can expect to receive as little as £0.00054 per stream from the service.

These are just a few snapshots of the challenges creating a blockage in the music industry talent pipeline. This report focuses on creative talent yet the recommendations put forward will contribute to the development of the workforce as a whole.

You can read the full report here.

Refreshments will be provided.

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