UK Music joins forces with Careermap to launch special ‘Spotlight on Music’ edition of Careermag

UK Music has joined forces with Careermap to launch a special ‘Spotlight on Music’ edition of its well-respected Careermag on June 19.

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18/06/2020: UK Music has joined forces with Careermap to launch a special ‘Spotlight on Music’ edition of its well-respected Careermag on June 19.

Featuring a huge variety of information on different careers in the music industry as well as useful links, the ‘Spotlight on Music’ will appear in the June School-leavers’ Edition.

With an expected reach through individual and school subscriptions of around  750,000 readers, the edition will open up the industry to a new generation of potential recruits.

The featured articles and blogs build on UK Music’s well-established Careers Pack and careers outreach that UK Music have done in recent years.

Featuring advice on apprenticeships and university, information about different roles, stats and with brilliant insights from young professionals involved in the industry, it will inspire the next generation of the music industry.

A follow-up Parents’ Edition in August will provide more brilliant content and inspiration, as well as the all-important stats that demonstrate that there are many exciting careers in music to be found.

UK Music’s Director of Education & Skills Oliver Morris said:

“Although we have faced a tough time in the music industry recently with Coronavirus and Brexit there will always be opportunities to get involved in your passion and create a career in music.

“Indeed, music more than ever needs energetic bright young minds to get involved to help navigate the future and to ultimately create the tunes, festivals, images, gigs and music scenes of the 21st Century.

“We’re only a fifth of the way through this century and I’m excited to see what is on the horizon. Music is a great place to work and I really hope this new resource helps inspire the next generation. So my message to everyone who loves music out there is: read this, get involved and create the future!”

Careermap’s Director Sharon Walpole said:

“Careermap is delighted to be working with UK Music on the next edition of Careermag for School Leavers. In a world turned upside down due to COVID-19, everyone is going to need to rethink what the world of work is going to look like.

“We are diving deep and exploring careers and qualifications in the exciting music sector. This comprehensive feature will inspire and inform young people,  parents, teachers and career leaders about the diverse range of opportunities for young creatives.”

Careermag for School Leavers will be available to download from Friday 19th June. Subscribe to download your free copy:

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