UK Music hosts first Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition meeting

The inaugural Attitude is Everything-run event took place on Friday

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15/06/18: UK Music was proud to host the first Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition meeting on Friday – a landmark in the charity Attitude is Everything’s work to improve gig access for disabled people.

Organisations from across the live sector attended the Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition meeting at UK Music HQ

UK Music's Director of Government and Public Affairs Tom Kiehl attended the morning roundtable, where the group discussed the State of Access Report 2018 and its key findings.

The Coalition will work together to share ideas and issues and develop solutions to facilitate access booking for deaf and disabled people.

The assembled organisations, which included Ticketmaster, the Music Managers Forum, the Roundhouse and Southbank Centre, discussed barriers to accessing tickets for music events for deaf and disabled music fans.

Attitude is Everything’s Head of Research and Campaigns Jacob Adams highlighted that 50% of correspondence the charity receives concerns problems with ticketing.

These problems manifest in a number of ways, including recognition among the live music industry of access cards which translate disability and impairments into symbols which highlight barriers and the reasonable adjustments need.

The group also discussed possible industry standards on tickets, improved information on how to book tickets, ensuring purchased tickets allow access to accessible places within venues, how ticketing agents communicate customer access requirements to venues, disability awareness at front line staff at live events, high demand events and access requirements in pre-sales.

UK Music Head of Diversity Ele Hill joined the discussion on what ambitions, visions and positions the group could all work towards over the next couple of years.

The conversation focused on what the member organisations already do with regard to access cards and how some general examples of best practice could be shared and promoted outside of the group.

Jacob finished the meeting by setting out the timeline for the work of the group, asked the group for any additional organisations to approach to be part of the coalition, and called on the group to continue the discussion with a view to publishing some industry-wide standards.

Future meetings of the group are planned, and Attitude is Everything welcome new groups to the Coalition. They are hoping to publish joint statements and discuss industry-wide standards with members in future.

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