UK Music host expert panel on what Brexit could mean for music

We host the first of our Party Conference fringe events with a Lib Dem panel discussing the potential impact of Brexit on music.

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18/09/17: More than 100 people packed UK Music's event at the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth today to talk about the potential impact of Brexit on the industry.

An expert panel of senior Lib Dem parliamentarians listened to their concerns amid a wide-ranging discussion on leaving the EU and what the music industry should do to prepare.

The meeting heard a number of informed questions from the audience on topics including the impact of Brexit on music education, CITES legislation, disability access in venues and the introduction of carnets for touring merchandise and equipment.

Shadow Lib Dem Secretary of State for DCMS and MP for Edinburgh West,  Christine Jardine, said there was a need to look at solutions to the impact of touring across the EU, including the possibility of an EU passport, to avoid chaos once the UK does finally leave.

Christine warned:”The only way to help the UK music industry to cope is to find an exit from Brexit.”

Her comments were echoed by Tim Clement-Jones, the party's Digital Economy spokesperson in the House of Lords. Tim further warned that leaving the EU could mean that positive changes to copyright law may not come into effect, meaning UK artists and music companies could suffer.

Tim also delivered a rebuke to the tech companies, saying: “Some of the platforms are not really paying enough for the music they put out, particularly YouTube.`”

Jon Tolley, a Lib Dem Councillor in Kingston and owner of Banquet Records, spoke of his fears about the impact of Brexit on the ability to sell music in record stores and the problems that leaving the EU may cause to distribution.  He also warned that music and the arts could suffer as the nation became poorer due to Brexit.

Jane Bonham-Carter, the Lib Dems lead spokesperson on DCMS in the House of Lords, called for music and the creative industries to be central to post-Brexit planning and put at the heart of industrial strategy.

The event was excellently chaired by BASCA (The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) CEO Vick Bain.

The meeting followed an article by UK Music CEO Michael Dugher published in Huffpost calling for a transition deal to avoid a damaging cliff edge as a result of Brexit. Read the article here.

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