UK Music Futures Group’s Leah Mack On What Having Women In Senior Roles Means To Her On International Women’s Day

On International Women's Day Leah Mack discusses what having women in senior roles means to her.

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08.03.2021: On International Women’s Day Leah Mack discusses what having women in senior roles means to her.

Before my current role in publishing, I started my career at the Association of Independent Music (AIM), where I was blessed to work under the strong female leadership of then CEO Alison Wenham.

Having the visibility of a woman rising to that position was empowering to me as a young entrant to the industry and made reaching further seem possible.

It serves as a powerful reminder why representation of women at senior levels and on boards is so important.

Women provide a unique perspective, bring talent and value to the table, but their presence also inspires the next generation of women, who are always looking to see themselves in the leaders around them.

I am proud to have experienced during my career in music women within the industry supporting and empowering each other. Whether that be informally through networks of business contacts, or more formally through initiatives like SheSaid.So. May that be a tradition that long continues.

* Leah Mack, works at Sony Music Publishing Ltd and co-chairs the intersectionality sub-council of UK Music Futures Group with Yasmin Lajoie. They will be looking at intersectional issues affecting the music industry.

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