UK Music Chief Responds To Ending Of COVID-19 Restrictions

21/02/2022: UK Music's Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin's response to the Government announcement easing all Covid-19 restrictions in England.

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21.02.2022: UK Music’s Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin’s response to the Government announcement easing all Covid-19 restrictions in England. 

The legal requirement to self-isolate is to be removed from Thursday 24th February, as will isolation payments. The Statutory Sick Pay boost is to end in a month and the removal of free COVID-19 testing for everyone other than for elderly and immunosuppressed, will take place from Tuesday 1st April.

UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said: 

“After the challenges of the last two years the move to end legal restrictions is a welcome development – we hope this represents an end to the uncertainty and disruption that has plagued the music industry since the start of this pandemic.

“However, while the restrictions themselves may be ending, their long-term effects are still impacting our sector. Having been unable to operate for much of the two years, the live music sector is only just entering into a fragile recovery – yet the impending rise in VAT risks choking off that recovery. We urge Government to cancel that planned increase.

“There is also concern about what the removal of further support, like free testing and enhanced statutory sick pay, will mean for those working in the industry who still feel vulnerable. Government must ensure that those who are still at risk from this virus have the support they need so they can work safely.

“It is welcome that we are entering a phase of living with COVID-19 – but it is important that we maintain both consumer confidence and business confidence, and move forward in a way that ensures we never have to return to the restrictions that devastated our industry over the past two years.”

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