UK Music Calls For Music Exports Office To Help Spearhead Economic Recovery

UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin is calling for a UK-wide music exports office to help spearhead the post-pandemic economic recovery.

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22.02.2021: UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin is calling for a UK-wide music exports office to help spearhead the post-pandemic economic recovery.

The UK music industry contributed £5.8bn to the economy annually pre-Covid, employs almost 200,000 people and generated £2.9 billion in UK exports in 2019.

However, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement has triggered alarm in the industry because it hampers the ability of musicians and their crews to tour the EU freely post-Brexit.

More than 284,000 people including a number of high-profile acts have signed a petition demanding Government action to rectify the problem.

Sir Elton John (here) is among those warning that failure to allow emerging artists to nurture their careers and grow their fanbase overseas could blow a hole in the talent pipeline on which the music industry relies.

UK Music believes a new UK-wide Exports Office for music or the wider creative industries would bring a number of post-Brexit benefits and opportunities for the music industry.

The Government has already set the precedent of providing economic support to key national assets to help them adjust to the new relationship with Europe, introducing a £23m fund for the fishing industry last month.

The music industry’s economic contribution in terms of Gross Value Added (GVA) of £5.8bn is more than ten times the size of the £446m GVA of the UK fishing industry (here).

With music supporting almost 20 times as many jobs, it’s vital the music industry gets the support it needs post-Brexit.

The benefits of a new Music Exports Office would include:

  • Help with bureaucracy and admin associated with touring, and provide information and advice to musicians touring abroad
  • Showcase British talent and help musicians build global audiences
  • Potentially help to cover increased costs for artists (with targeted grants)
  • Supporting physical exports (ie: records, merchandise etc)
  • Be focused on boosting exports globally – not just to the EU
  • Boost “Brand Britain”, helping strengthen British soft power globally

UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said:

“Music is one of the UK’s most successful exports and hit a record £2.9 billion before the impact of Covid.

“We should be doing everything we can to support and strengthen the British music industry as a key global exporter.

“The British music industry can help fly the flag for Britain globally and is a great example of the UK’s soft power due to the huge influence of British music across the world.

“However, new Brexit rules have put barriers up and made it harder for British musicians to work and perform abroad.

“We want to work with government to achieve the huge potential the music industry could achieve, with the right support.

“A new UK-wide export office for the music industry or the wider creative sector could play a crucial role in helping drive our post-pandemic recovery.”

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