UK Music Boss Heads To France To Seek International Support To Tackle Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Tom Kiehl was invited to Paris by the British Council to form part of the UK delegation at Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture.

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14.07.2024: UK Music’s Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl presented on a panel focused on the impact of artificial intelligence in the music industry as part of Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture.

Organised by the French Ministry of Culture, the Forum is an annual creative industries conference. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the UK was invited as this year’s guest of honour at this year’s Forum, which lasts over three days and brings together over 2,000 graduates, entrepreneurs, artists and cultural experts to discuss sector specific and cross-cutting issues.

Addressing a packed lecture theatre, Tom provided a positive perspective on the way AI can be used to assist artists, musicians and composers in their creativity, and also how AI can be used to drive efficiencies at an industry level regarding tackling piracy and improving royalty processing. However, he went on to explain the challenges of generative AI and the need to ensure consent and compensation to the music industry is part of this. 

Tom outlined recent consumer research, conducted by Whitestone Insight for UK Music, which showed 83% of the public support AI-generated music being clearly labelled as such, as well as informing the French delegates at the Forum about the various approaches the UK government has taken towards AI policy in recent years. 

Tom summarised the key asks of the UK music sector in relation to AI, including ensuring AI firms provide transparent records of the music they ingest and the need for stronger protections over personality rights. Tom concluded his talk with a request for international cooperation between countries such as France and the UK on the issue of AI and the music industry, echoing a call made in the recent All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music report on the issue.

Speaking alongside Tom on the panel were photographer Yann Philippe, singer, composer and musician Benoit Carré, artistic director Rocio Berenguer, AI artist Pierre Fautrel and video games developer Davy Chadwick. The session was chaired by Marie-Aurore de Boisdeffre, the Head of the Department for Authors and Artists at the French Ministry of Culture. 

While attending the Forum, Tom also attended a special reception hosted by the British Council and addressed by UK’s Ambassador to France Meena Rawlings and met a number of other delegates from the UK delegation representing organisations such as the Arts Council, the V&A Museum and academia.

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