Jessica Munro Explains How An Apprenticeship Was The Springboard For A Career In The Music Industry 

Phoenix Music International's Licensing Manager Jessica Munro shares her experiences of being an apprentice, and how PMI has continued to offer apprenticeships.

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07.03.2023: Phoenix Music International’s Licensing Manager Jessica Munro shares her experiences of being an apprentice, and how Phoenix has continued to offer apprenticeships. 

This is a picture of Jess Munro holding a silver rectangular award from You Tube, which features the You Tube play button symbol.

Jess with Phoenix Music International’s YouTube award.

I never thought I would do an apprenticeship. I felt they were more for those interested in trades and skilled labour, but I know I would not be where I am today in my career if not for my apprenticeship.  

In 2015 after realising that university wasn’t the right path for me, I left in the middle of studying A Levels to pursue a different route that I would find more fulfilling, but I was unsure of what that route would be.  

My mum encouraged me to figure out what I was passionate about and see if there was anything I could find that way. I was an avid lover of music and, as many people dream of, wondered if I could turn a hobby into a career.  

That’s when I found UK Music. Through a simple Google search, I saw that UK Music had listings for apprenticeships with training provider DiVA, paid opportunities within music businesses like record labels and radio stations. This opened a new world to me – one I would never have thought was an option otherwise. 

Shortly after meeting with DiVA and a few rounds of interviews, I was hired by Phoenix Music International as a Music Business Administration Apprentice, studying towards a Level 3 Business Administration Diploma.  

Phoenix first looked to apprenticeships in memory of the late Felix Hines, who wanted to make the industry more accessible to young people.   

My apprenticeship set a wonderful precedent at Phoenix, with three more apprentices having since completed training and working within the company across digital rights, social media and graphic design – showing just how diverse apprenticeships can be and how there are so many different routes between apprenticeships and the UK music industry.  

Working alongside apprentices and actively being involved with their training has been a great experience, especially knowing that an apprenticeship can be valuable to an individual’s personal and professional development with the proper guidance and encouragement.  

A lot of the assignments that apprentices are tasked with allow them to create real-life business projects and ideas relevant to their training but also build upon projects within a potential job role post-completion of the apprenticeship, creating joint value for both the apprentice and the company.  

My apprenticeship allowed me to find myself and be opened into a world I would have likely never found otherwise. Studying for my diploma taught me the basics of business operations, project management and responsibility, whilst my work experience allowed me to gain a variety of knowledge not taught in books and allowed me to interact with the wider music industry and be mentored by experienced professionals.  

This year marks my eighth year working at Phoenix, now as Catalogue and Licensing Manager. Even recently, thanks to my diploma and the knowledge and experience I’ve gained through my apprenticeship and work at Phoenix, I have started studying for a master’s degree in music business, showing that if you wish to, even if university isn’t a path you initially choose to take, apprenticeships can lead towards these opportunities in the future.  

I believe my story shows how valuable these paths that connect education and real-life business experience are. I am a strong advocate for UK Music’s work and believe that the funding and support of these initiatives and training are crucial to building a positive and diverse future for the creative industry.

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