Three Wheel Drive Festival talk pre-event panic in their guest blog

The organisers of the DIY festival are also donating a cut of their revenue to YoungMinds

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26/07/18: The organisers of Three Wheel Drive festival, taking place from the 2nd to 5th of August near Andover, explain how they are donating part of the ticket sales revenue to a mental health charity:

Sun beaming down on a Sunday morning, Joe frets about whether the caterers are going to show up because they haven’t responded to phone calls in three days. Meanwhile, Theo is convinced that he hasn’t cut out enough wristbands from a piece of shower curtain he found last week, and Tiernan is on the phone to the council for the third time today. Dom and Amy continue to craft cask racks, a stage and a bar out of recycled wood under the watchful eye of architect-in-training Tom.

This is the slightly frantic atmosphere in a little Tottenham workshop with less than two weeks to go until The Three Wheel Drive Festival 2018. ‘3WD’ is a DIY festival sharing music, art and food with those lucky enough to have heard about it, taking place in Andover, Hampshire on 2-4th August. 10% of every ticket sale is going to YoungMinds, an incredibly worthy charity supporting young sufferers of mental illness, and the festival is not run for profit.

In collaboration with indie record label Warm Laundry, the musical line-up has been hand-picked to include many of the most promising and exciting young bands in the UK, with Lost Under Heaven (LUH), I.R.O.K., DUDS and Sorry topping the bill.

Organised by a six-strong team of 20-somethings, their purpose is a simple one: share what they love with a wider au-dience, providing exposure to the under-appreciated and most of all enjoying a weekend in the summer sun.

Sustainability and minimising waste are key principles underlying the festival, which aims to make the most of second-hand materials, recycle wherever possible and encourage plenty of vegan-friendly eating. Fair pricing is also emphasised in order to maximise accessibility and provide an affordable alternative to the major festivals which tend to be heavier on the wallet.

On top of this, the festival works alongside PRS and PPL to ensure that all artists are given due credit and fair payment for their creative practice.

If this appeals to you, more information can be found here, or on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Tickets are still available, including a group discount for purchases of three.

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