Rapper & Entrepreneur Shao Dow Visits Schools To Share Music Career Journey

UK Music supports artist and entrepreneur Shao Dow as he visits two schools to tell youngsters about the exciting careers on offer in music. 

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30.03.2023: UK Music supported artist and entrepreneur Shao Dow as he visited to two schools to tell youngsters about the exciting careers on offer in music. 

Shao Dow joined children and teachers at Lymington Fields Robert Clack School in Dagenham on Tuesday March 21 and Stationers Crown Woods Academy in Eltham on Friday 24 March.

At Lymington Fields Robert Clack School, Shao Dow presented to the pupils about careers in music and his personal career journey. He also performed a track and took questions on a range of topics.

His visit had a profound impact on the pupils with the Head of Music Adriana Dolinska saying:

“On behalf of Robert Clack and the music department I would like to thank you for your amazing presentation that you delivered for us yesterday. I had so many pupils come to me at the end of the day asking about you and wanting your social media information. The flyers are all gone now!

Pupils are Robert Clack School discovering more about a career in music from rapper and entrepreneur Shao Dow.

“Your talk, presence and performance was absolutely outstanding, we couldn’t have asked for something better. I had lots of feedback from the teachers watching also, who said you were fabulous. Again, massive thank you!”

Shao Dow has been the talk of the school since his visit, with one pupil even making him a tour poster in their own time to show their appreciation.

On Friday 24 March, Shao Dow attended a careers fair at Stationers Crown Woods Academy in Eltham. He ran a stand at this event to discuss careers in music with the attending pupils. 

This was also a great success with many young people getting the opportunity to find out about his career, UK Music’s work, creative careers and the music industry more broadly.

Shao Dow shared his personal career journey with children at Robert Clack School.

UK Music’s Director of Education Dr Oliver Morris was approached by the schools to find a music creator to speak with children about a career in music education.

Dr Oliver Morris said:

“It’s so important for young people to get to meet role models making a living in an industry that frankly can seem a little opaque to those not involved already. 

“Having someone as inspirational as Shao Dow willing to spend time discussing his route into music and the various roles that exist in the wider industry is absolutely wonderful. 

“I would have loved to discuss music careers with a professional at that age and hope that it has provided a light bulb moment for some of the pupils he met. It can seem challenging at first to navigate a route into music and also difficult to persuade those around you that it is a viable career. 

“Visits by professionals such as Shao Dow is one part of the work we do to try and help everyone understand the range of roles and the variety of routes in as well as the economic and societal value of music.

“I am so pleased the days went so well and we look forward to initiating more of these in the future.”

Find out more about Shao Dow here.

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