Music Activities for Wellbeing

In these difficult times music can play a crucial role in helping lift people's spirits.

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In these difficult times music can play a crucial role in helping lift people’s spirits. According to Mind, Dopamine, the brain’s feel good chemical, goes up by 9% when listening to music, while vocal and emotive interventions are an effective means of improving mood says the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care.

Music can calm us, can lift our mood when we’re feeling down, can help us celebrate and feel good, can give us pause for reflection, triggering memories and experiences that define our lives.

– Tom Kiehl, UK Music Acting CEO

As a guide on how you can use music as an aid during the coronavirus crisis, UK Music have compiled a list of activities. Have a suggestion to add to the list? Get in contact and Email

Create Playlists

  • Create and share playlists online with your friends and family.
  • Create a playlist full of uplifting songs to improve your mood.
  • Make a playlist of relaxing songs for when you need a rest.
  • Put together a playlist of songs that inspire you for when you need a creative spark.
  • Create a work out playlist, look for songs that are 120BPM.

Playlist for life:

Listening Challenges

  • Pick a random artist and discover their back catalogue. Resource: The Guardian back catalogue guide
  • Listen to a music publications top 100 lists, such as the top 100 albums of all time.
  • Listen to a genre of music you’re not too familiar with. Resource: Topsify
  • Discover music by new artists. Resource: Soundcloud

Improve your skills

  • Music teachers need your support. Try an online class with a music teacher. Find out more from the Musician’s Union.
  • Try learning a new song or technique.
  • Try beatboxing for the first time.
  • Record yourself, then practise, then record yourself again, listen back to see how you have improved.

Resources: Minimoog Model D Synthesizer appKORG iKaossilator app, Fender Play

Get creative

  • Create dance moves to your favourite song.
  • Write some lyrics.
  • Find and record interesting sounds from around the house.

Get connected

  • Team up with other people online to write a song.
  • Join an online choir. Resource: Great British Home Chorus
  • Share you musical skills and knowledge with others online.
  • Teach someone in your household a song or piece of music.
  • Take part in an album listening party. Resource: Twitter with @Tim_Burgess.
  • Watch a live music stream. Resource: ChatterPack (scroll down)

Making Music has a fun list of ideas.

Nordoff Robbins, the music therapy charity, has a great list of activities and resources.

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