Joe McIndoe reviews BBC Music Introducing Live

The Southampton Solent Journalism graduate reflects on the event's highlights

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12/11/18: Joe McIndoe, a Southampton Solent University graduate, has reviewed BBC Music Introducing Live.

Joe McIndoe attended the event and met UK Music staff including Megan White, Digital Communications Officer

The former MAP institute student, who has degrees in Journalism and PR, graduated in 2014.

Here's what he had to say about the event…

Whether an artist looking to write a hit, a manager looking to get an act their big break, or a PR going in search of tips and tricks, there is something for everyone at BBC Music Introducing Live.

As I navigate my way through the chic, if labyrinthine Tobacco Dock vaults, the day’s live music programme is just starting, boasting acts from blues, pop, rock, and rap.

The BroomX and KAVE immersive experience in UK Music’s Careers Fair catches my eye immediately, showing off BroomX’s creation – the first virtual reality projector.

Although the limited space doesn’t quite feature the immersive experience in all its glory, it’s easy to imagine the opportunity to see your favourite artist up close and personal. Hopefully next year it will be allowed to shine in an even bigger space… Home use is still a way off, but the company’s representative seemed quietly confident that the innovation would be gracing a London venue within a year.

With the event now in full swing, I drop into a packed seminar on how to make a music video. As would-be Joseph Kahn’s take notes, the experts reveal some truths about the craft. They talk of the change in creative emphasis for a video, adding that a budget is good but innovative thinking is better.

By this point, the UK Music room is packed to the rafters. People are continually getting comfortable on the PRS Foundation sofa, others put Fidelity brand guitars through their paces with some nice licks, and online platform Kycker describes its benefits to a host of DIY artists.

The UK Music Careers Fair, much like the Introducing venture itself, is designed to offer advice and to provide a pathway to the next generation. Urban Development is looking to do just that, with workshops, seminars, work experience, and mentorship.

UD’s representative Mahalih offered her advice on how an aspiring artist can go from a diamond in the rough to a more compelling and complete musician, and said: “As an artist people underestimate the power of performing live and honing the live set. Doing open mics is a great way to get your repertoire up to an amazing standard and to learn to interact with the audience.”

With my time now drawing to a close, I turn my eye to the art of management and an audience with Jonathan Dickins.

In the interview hosted within the Spotify Discovery Theatre, Adele’s manager reveals how he came to meet the megastar at a motorway service station, the struggle of promoting his charge to foreign markets, and useful tips for aspiring managers. It’s a fun and intriguing way to close a thoroughly absorbing industry-spanning day.

If the exhibition proves anything it’s that the UK music scene has plenty of potential, innovation, and abundant talent just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

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