Jeremy Pritchard Supports UK Music Call For Government Action To Help Artists And Venues

Everything Everything's Jeremy Pritchard supported UK Music's call for Government action in the Budget to help support artists and venues.

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06.03.2024: Everything Everything’s Jeremy Pritchard supported UK Music’s call for Government action in the Budget to help support artists and venues. 

UK Music Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl called on the Chancellor to use his Budget (March 6) to cut the current 20% VAT rate on tickets to 10% in a boost for consumers, music professionals and venues.

The call to cut VAT is among the recommendations that UK Music has made to the Government in its Budget submission, which outlines the support the sector needs to grow.

At present, UK gig-goers must pay 20% VAT on their tickets – almost double the EU average (10.3%) and around triple the rate in countries like Belgium (6%) and Germany (7%).

The 20% rate is the third highest rate of cultural ticketing in Europe. Music lovers pay more tax on UK tickets than anywhere else in Europe, bar Denmark and Lithuania.

You can read the Jeremy’s piece below:

“It’s a long journey for the performers playing to an audience of ten of thousands at the ceremony, and millions watching on television. 

But the fact is that there has never been a tougher time for artists trying to break through. 

Dozens of small venues, the vital and fertile breeding grounds of the UK scene, are being forced to close due to a range of issues including rising rents, energy costs and problems with licensing. 

The decline in grassroots music venues and rehearsal spaces means it’s harder than ever for emerging bands to find places to play and to practice. 

If we want to nurture the talent of the future, and keep our internationally-enviable touring network of venues in tact and we need urgent support from Government. 

One beneficial step would be for Government to cut the 20% VAT rate on concert tickets to 10%.  That would be a huge help to venues teetering on the brink of closure, and to the artists that rely on them. 

It would also help encourage more fans into grassroots music venues, that provide  even more for their local communities than the music itself. They are inclusive socials spaces, and nothing else fills that gap.  

The UK has a first rate music industry, abundant in talent and the rich sub-cultures it engenders. If we want it to survive we need the right assistance.”

  • Jeremy Pritchard, Everything Everything, MVT, FAC. 

Jeremy’s piece was featured alongside a pre-Budget story in the Daily Express about UK Music’s call for action which you can read here.

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