Dance Music Artists & Industry Make Plea to Government to Support UK’s Nightclubs & Events Sector

Stars from the UK’s Dance sector are today issuing an urgent plea for support from the UK Government that the dance music events sector must be protected to ensure equal access to support.

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23.07.2020: Stars from the UK’s Dance sector, alongside festivals, nightclubs, and industry figures; not forgetting the staff, production and supply chains, are today issuing an urgent plea for support from the UK Government that the dance music events sector must be protected and recognised as an important part of the nation’s art and culture in parity with the wider Live Music sector, to ensure equal access to support.

The call to the government comes since the announcement of a £1.57bn support package for Britain's arts and culture sector. However, the government narrative to-date on the allocation of this support has not included dance music nightclubs, events, and festivals to receive funding from this package for the arts.

The campaign is supported by a host of artists and leading industry figures who are standing up for their art.

Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary, said:  “Our arts and culture are the soul of our nation. They make our country great and are the lynchpin of our world-beating and fast-growing creative industries.” “I understand the grave challenges the arts face and we must protect and preserve all we can for future generations. Today we are announcing a huge support package of immediate funding to tackle the funding crisis they face. I said we would not let the arts down, and this massive investment shows our level of commitment.”

But when asked about potential support for music venues and festivals on the 9th July within Parliament, suggested the fund would “cover grassroots music venues, concert halls and indoor arenas……those wholly or mainly used for performance of live music for the purposes of entertaining an audience”, with no mention of nightclubs or festivals.

Sector Trade bodies who form part of the DCMS Task Force have requested clarification from the Department of Culture, Media and Sports, on whether nightclubs, Festivals and Events will be  included, but there have been no assurances or clarity provided from the department and we await the details of eligibility.

Nightclub and festival dance culture are a vital part of the British heritage as well as generating millions of pounds in revenue for the economy, it adds to the ever-growing nightlife tourism figures boasting 300 million visits a year across the UK.

But, because businesses are unable to operate under the current social distancing measures, dance festivals, events, and nightclubs are unlikely to take place again in the UK for the foreseeable future. Many hundreds of redundancies have already been made, with the potential for tens of thousands to follow this year. Until these businesses can operate again, government clarity on the roadmap for reopening and access to support for the arts will be crucial to prevent mass insolvencies and potential demise of this world-leading industry.

Hundreds of artists, venues, festivals, agents, production companies, and fans across the industry will be asked to post photos of the last dance festival, dance event, or nightclub they attended under the banner #LetUsDance on Thursday 23rd July in a show of support for the UK’s world-leading dance music industry and its contribution to arts & culture.

Dance Music is the world's third most popular music genre, with an estimated audience of over 1.5 Billion. But, despite the global influence and economic importance of British dance music, government support and clarity on the future of the sector has been very limited.

UK Music Acting CEO Tom Kiehl said: 

“The dance music events sector is one of the world’s most popular and a key part of our industry that generates  £5.2 billion a year towards the UK economy. The sector is among the many parts of the music industry’s eco-system that need urgent Government support to avoid thousands of job losses.UK Music is proud to support the #LetUsDance campaign to ensure the dance sector and the whole industry gets the help it needs to come through this crisis.”

Support the Campaign

Social Media Posts
Post your favourite picture from a recent nightclub, dance festival or event with a note supporting its place within arts and culture.
If you would like to use the standard assets which have been created for the campaign or create your own designs using the logo, all components can be found on this link: #LetUsDance Assets

Pre-made social media graphics can also be used and downloaded here.
Please use the hashtag #LetUsDance with all posts.

Letter to Local MP
A draft letter to local MP’s will be available via an automated online system for fans, artists and industry professionals to access and send automatically. Access the letter here.

Find out more at the Night Time Industries Association here.

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