Christine Jardine leads Commons debate on challenges Brexit poses for creative industries

MPs use UK Music figures and analysis to highlight the issues facing the music industry

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18/04/2018: Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine led a House of Commons debate on Tuesday about the challenges Brexit poses to the creative industries, UK Music’s Felicity Oliver reports.

Christine Jardine MP takes part in a UK Music event at the 2017 Liberal Democrat Party Conference

Christine Jardine opened the debate highlighting the importance of the creative industries and emphasised the need for freedom of movement to continue, referencing our calls for a single EU-wide touring passport.

Conservative MP and former DCMS Minister Ed Vaizey pressed DCMS Minister Michael Ellis to encourage the PM to make a keynote speech on the importance of the creative industries.

He highlighted the importance of securing a strong trade deal with the US and warned against undue French influence in any trade deal with the EU. He also highlighted achievements under during his period as a minister, such as the formation of the Creative Industries Council and creative tax credits.

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy raised the issues musicians face when obtaining visas for travel to the US, as well as other issues, including access to free healthcare when working abroad.

SNP MP Pete Wishart stressed the importance of aligning any new IP framework with the existing EU one.

Labour MP Sharon Hodgson highlighted the strengths of introducing an EU-wide touring passport and used UK Music figures, highlighting the 2% of people in the music industry thought that Brexit would have a positive impact on finding work. UK Music’s figures were also mentioned by Brendan O’Hara and Chris Evans.

Shadow DCMS Minister Kevin Brennan, responding for the Opposition, highlighted the work of UK Music and the Musicians Union. He talked of the importance of the CIC having workforce representation and flagged the sector deal as being deeply insufficient. 

He referenced the shared parental leave Bill – being spearheaded by Olga FitzRoy at the Music Producers Guild – and Labour’s promise of a cultural capital fund.

Michael Ellis, responding for the Government, referenced UK Music’s Wish You Were Here report. He also highlighted the sector deal and the Government’s commitment to funding streams. He said many of the points in the debate chimed with the recent DCMS Select Committee report and that the Government would respond to that soon.

Read more on Hansard and watch the debate here.

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