All Together Now: TiME On Creating Greater Awareness of Music Technology

Development Director Kate Rounding shares how TiME (Technology in Music Education) creates a greater awareness of the use of music technology in education.

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It is vital for the future of the UK music industry that educated, informed, diverse and talented young people join the sector every year.

That’s why the music industry works closely with Government, education institutions and other organisations to improve access to opportunities for children and young people to develop their skills and knowledge in order to help them build a career in music.

UK Music’s series All Together Now takes a look at the projects and organisations that are helping to open access to the music industry for everyone. Development Director Kate Rounding shares how TiME (Technology in Music Education) creates a greater awareness of the use of music technology in education:

“TiME is a dynamic alliance of UK music industry organisations, educators, and practitioners. Our mission is create a greater awareness of the use of music technology in education, ensuring equitable access to all areas of music teaching, learning, composition, and performance. Working with experienced teachers, music leaders, and organisations, we provide valuable information on the ever-expanding range of music technology options available.

Our Commitment to Empowering Music Education

At TiME, we are committed to making a positive impact on music education by commissioning and sharing innovative music technology resources, organising training and continued professional development (CPD) sessions, and hosting conferences, events, and technology showcases. These initiatives highlight cutting-edge products that support greater access to music for all.

Free Membership and Corporate Connections

Access to high-quality resources should be available to everyone. That’s why we offer free membership, providing individuals with access to a wide range of excellent resources. Our Corporate Membership scheme also facilitates connections between education and manufacturers, designers, and makers within the music technology industry.

Our Valued Supporters

TiME is proud to be supported by esteemed organisations such as Music Mark, Independent Society of Musicians (ISM), Music Teachers’ Association (MTA), UK Music, Joint Audio Media Education Support (JAMES), Music Industry Association (MIA), Making Music, and many others. With their support, we can continue to champion music technology in education.

National Plan for Music Education (NPME 2022)

In collaboration with the Music Education Council we actively contributed recommendations to the Department for Education (DFE) to support the development of the NPME. We were delighted to have been recognised in the final document and to see that Music Technology has formed a central component of the new plan. The integration of Music Technology within the NPME 2022 demonstrates an essential recognition of its potential to enhance and enrich music education.

Showcasing Innovation and Inclusion

In October 2022, we hosted a conference that showcased an incredible array of new and accessible music technology. We are passionate about ensuring everyone has access to music, and this event demonstrated the wealth of adaptive and digital instruments available.

In collaboration with the Northampton Music and Performing Arts Trust, we conducted an action research project focused on the Arcana Strum, a digital guitar emulator. This project explores how the instrument can support young musicians with disabilities in their musical progression.

We also work closely with JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Services) to establish connections with music technology university courses. Soon, we will launch new projects connecting students and graduates with community music initiatives and instrument manufacturers.

Additionally, we are collaborating with experts in bespoke instrument development to create a ground-breaking digital instrument that utilises Eye Gaze technology for music making. The Amber Trust is providing support for this innovative project.

Join Our Community and Stay Informed

We value collaboration and are always eager to hear about events, resources, and music technology news. If you have information or links you would like us to share or report on; please get in touch. By signing up for free membership, you will receive our monthly newsletter and updates, gaining access to a wealth of resources in our membership area.”

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