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Rocksteady Music School

The leading provider of in-school band lessons for primary-aged children

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Rocksteady’s mission is simple: to empower as many children as possible and transform their lives through progressive and inclusive music education. We do this by delivering in-school band lessons to children between the ages of 4 and 11, teaching tens of thousands of children every week and partnering with thousands of schools.

As part of our unique ‘for profit, for good’ ethos, we work to make music more inclusive and accessible, delivering over £2 million pounds worth of free teaching every year to some of the most deprived children in schools and charities across the country.

With hundreds of band leaders working across the country to deliver fun and inspiring music lessons, we are also the UK’s biggest employer of full-time, permanent musicians!

Inspiring the next generation of musicians

For many children, Rocksteady is the first time they will ever pick up an instrument; it is the first step on their musical journey. We aim to reach children before they lose interest in pursuing a love of music and give them the self-belief and skills to continue their progress into secondary education and beyond.

Our pioneering child-led curriculum has been created from decades of experience teaching in primary schools. It is designed so that any child, regardless of previous experience, can instantly learn to play an instrument in a band. Rocksteady band lessons are shown to improve confidence and self-belief, build social skills, and even improve academic attainment in other subjects, contributing to reducing the attainment gap.

Through our ed-tech enabled, exam-free music qualification, accredited by Trinity College London, every Rocksteady child has the chance to achieve a music qualification, just by doing what they love and attending band lessons each week. This innovation, delivered though Rocksteady’s proprietary technology, tracks the progress of pupils in real time and is helping Rocksteady buck the trend of a decline in music qualifications. The result is tens of thousands of primary aged children achieving an official, Ofqual-regulated music qualification every year.

No child left behind

Ensuring music education is accessible to as many children as possible is a key part of Rocksteady’s mission. We offer flexible funding options for schools, including thousands of free bursary places, so that more pupils can access band lessons and experience the transformative power of music.

Through the Rocksteady Foundation, we also deliver free sessions to thousands of children and young people at hundreds of charities and support groups across the UK, allowing some of the most vulnerable in our society to enjoy the wellbeing, fun, and educational benefits of playing music in a band.

Over the last few years we have doubled the amount of free provision and are committed to sustainably growing this further, reaching even more children who would otherwise not have the chance to experience the magic of playing music.

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