Mastering Engineer

A Mastering Engineer prepares the final mixes for release.

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Also known as:

Vinyl Mastering Engineer / Digital Mastering Engineer

Skill Level:


What does a Mastering Engineer do?

A Mastering Engineer prepares the final mixes for release by quality checking the audio, processing the audio to ensure it translates and sounds the best it possibly can on different listening applications, and creates formats ready for distribution.

Watch and read (links to videos /cases studies):

Tools of the trade:

Mastering Software such as Sadie and Many Mastering plugins.

Audio Hardware such as equalisers and compressors

What is a Mastering Engineer good at?

Adding the final adjustments/processing and solutions to music mixes.

Creating formats ready for distribution.

Who does a Mastering Engineer work with?

Music Producers and Engineers

Record Companies

Management Companies

How do I become a Mastering Engineer?

At School or College: FE College Levels 2 &3 Music Technology Diplomas / Music Technology A-Level at Schools and Sixth Form Colleges.

Access Creative College (UK Music MAP member) offers a fantastic range of courses at a range of locations:

Electronic Engineering courses at FE and HE levels

Look for an apprenticeship:

Get a degree: Check out UK Music’s MAP members for trusted course deliverers:

Music Technology / Audio courses accredited by Music & Media organisation JAMES:

Is the role a skills shortage?



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