Junior Product Manager

Create, co-ordinate, maintain and facilitate release timelines, working within budgets and other marketing or resource plans

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What does a Junior Product Manager do?

  • Plan the launch of an album or single, both physical and digital
  • Create, co-ordinate, maintain and facilitate release timelines, working within budgets and other marketing or resource plans
  • Create campaigns and manage releases bringing ideas to life which may include co-ordinating and facilitating events such as interviews and shoots, in line with the marketing release strategy, artist identity and vision
  • Undertake scheduling activities to make sure that releases are coordinated and their impact is maximised
  • Working together w team to develop marketing plans and social media campaigns to ensure successful releases. Track the success of marketing campaigns against sales which may include monitoring press coverage
  • Collate and analyse data from multiple sources including Digital Service Provider (DSP), social media activities and sales to produce insights and trends to support recommendations for future campaigns
  • Using industry knowledge to identify opportunities such as submissions for industry awards or applying for funding to maximise the impact of the release
  • Make suggestions for commissioning technology innovation to support releases which may include apps, micro-sites, VR/immersive experiences to maximise exposure
  • General support for Senior Product Manager for example through diary management

What’s a Junior Product Manager good at?

  • Prioritisation and time planning
  • Working under pressure with good attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Event management skills
  • Understanding of royalty collection and registration process of PPL
  • Knowledge of wider music industry landscape
  • Basic photo and video editing skills

Tools of the trade:

  • Microsoft Office
  • CRM tools such as Zoho
  • Adobe programmes such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut etc
  • Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Spotify Analytics, Facebook Analytics etc
  • Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

Who does a Junior Product Manager work with?

  • Label Managers/Assistants
  • Social Media Managers/Assistants
  • Marketing Department
  • A&R
  • Sales Department
  • Distribution Department
  • Artist Management
  • Artists
  • Press
  • Radio Pluggers
  • Digital Service Providers (DSP)
  • Photographers/Videographers

How do I become a Junior Product Manager?

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