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We are Music is a registered charity based in Harwich which helps people to engage in the community through popular...

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We are Music is a registered charity based in Harwich which helps people to engage in the community through popular music. They have operated for eight years, running over 4,500 hours of music sessions and estimate we have worked with over 750 young people. They have three fully equipped rehearsal spaces, a recording studio, and facilities for breakout sessions.

Their objects provide for the advancement of young people through music into the music industry, and education. There is no other provision in the area and in response to local demand we increased capacity and the breadth of facilities provided. During the last five years they have supported ten Live Event apprenticeships with support from Essex County Council.

They work with a range of funders including the National Foundation for Youth Music who are supporting Get Known – The Next Step, a project working with young people helping them to increase their knowledge of progression routes into the music industry and improve their performance skills.
This programme is aimed at 18+ young musicians and people who want to consider the music industry as a career option.  The project follows on from the Get Known Artist development programme which was supported by the National Foundation for Youth Music, Essex Community Foundation and Tendring District Council. Young bands had no opportunity to play and Get Known  was set up by a young team to provide a showcase for local talent. Emphasis on social media, crowd source funding, digital distribution and music streaming have enabled us to help emerging artists. Over 100 videos have been produced and the youtube channel has over 100,000 views.

Associated with this project  in August 2016, we ran, in Brentwood Essex, a free skateboarding/BMX and Music festival ( Landslide Festival) to enable young bands to play to a large audience.

Their work focuses on two key areas:-
1. Helping talented performers move their music on
2. Helping the disillusioned and unemployed to improve their confidence and well being

They provide development support and musical skills development, live performance videos, local performance opportunities, including opportunities at festivals, to showcase musicians. They provide inclusive programmes working with different genres and artist experience levels.


We are Music
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