Music Inc.


Music Inc, is a free app which allows players to take on the role of managing an aspiring musicians. The app is the result of a collaborative effort between UK Music, the Intellectual Property Office and Aardman Animations, and is designed to give young music fans an insight into the modern music industry and to let them experience  the challenges encountered by artists in the digital age.

First launched in 2014, UK Music, Aardman Animations and the Intellectual Property Office released version 2 of Music Inc in March 2015.

Available on iOS and android, Music Inc 2 has been totally rebuilt to incorporate a number of exciting new features. Players can hire and fire staff, employ lawyers, accountants, publicists, play mini games and gain greater control over the quality of song writing. This upgrade gives players more ways to understand the business of music and see their gameplay choices impact on success. Music Inc puts players in the driving seat to guide emerging artists through modern day challenges and opportunities in the industry. Taking control of everything from song writing and styling to recording and releasing to market, players feel the impact every managerial decision has on their artists’ careers.

Jo Dipple, CEO of UK Music said; “Music Inc has been a huge success with over 200,000 players on over half a million devices. We have engaged with hundreds of thousands of young people who we hope now have a better understanding of how a modern music business works. This new version deepens game play and will engage and educate more young people around issues of copyright and the business side of music. It highlights the hundreds of different jobs available to young people who have a passion for the industry. We are thrilled that so many music fans are enjoying Music Inc.”

Dan Efergan, Digital Group Creative Director at Aardman added; “Games provide a powerful way to simulate situations while stimulating thought around them. Music Inc presents a microcosm of the real music industry with all of the exhilaration and pressure that comes with setting up your own music company. From the humble beginning of a simple bedroom studio through to running a mighty musical empire Mr. Cowell would be proud of - Music Inc lets you do all this virtually, inspiring young minds to get out there and try it for real.”

Musician and manager, Oritse Williams, ambassador for Music Inc said; “I have loved working with UK Music and the team on Music Inc. Since launch, I have been working with them to promote this game to young music fans. Music Inc has captured their creative imagination, engaging players in the music business eco-system. I’m really excited about the upgraded version, and if you look carefully you will find a virtual version of me, so you can try your hand at getting me to number 1!” The game was launched on 28th March 2015 with Oritse Williams and Jo Dipple at Urban Development, an industry take over in London for 16 – 24 year olds  

Download the game below:

iTunes –

Android –

There are no in app charges.

IPO Overview of Music Inc.

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