Learning the Music Business

Learning the Music Business - Evaluating the 'vocational turn' in music industry education - by Toby Bennett

This project came about in 2014, just as UK Music was developing the idea of the Music Academic Partnership.

UK Music was approached by Kings College PhD researcher Toby Bennett who was concerned with the perception that music business degrees were not highly valued by industry practitioners.

Following discussion with industry, Toby decided to focus his investigation on skills and the attitudes held by industry practitioners towards music business degrees, with UK Music acting as the industry partner.

Toby Bennett completed his work and presented his findings to the UK Music Board of Directors in early 2015.

His observations are fascinating and provocative and make important reading for both music industry and higher education leaders. Whilst negative perceptions as to the value of music business degrees persist, there is an alignment of interests amongst the music industry and higher education practitioners to work more closely together and clear opportunities for greater collaboration in the future. Toby's conclusions provide grist for the creation of the Music Academic Partnership.

UK Music is pleased to make available Toby Bennett’s full paper and his executive summary for downloading here.

Learning the Music Business

Executive Summary

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