Apprenticeship Levy

Apprenticeship Levy
From April 2017 the way apprenticeships are funded is changing. The apprenticeship levy requires all employers operating in the UK, with a pay bill over £3 million each year, to pay 0.5% of their pay bill into a pot that will be distributed via a digital voucher system for training apprentices. More info here:

Unlike in England the funding will not be distributed in Wales, NI and Scotland through the Digital Apprenticeship Service. Current arrangements in the nations will continue although all are undertaking consultations with NI embarking upon a 5-year Apprenticeships Review to create new apprenticeship guidelines and standards.

In England those paying the levy will receive 100% of training costs. Those contributing to the levy will also receive a 10% top-up from government. Those not paying the Levy will only receive 90% of training costs unless certain criteria are met (SME's - less than 50 employees - who take on apprentices 16-18 years old or apprentices aged between 19 and 24 and who either has an education, health and care plan provided by the local authority or who has been in the care of the local authority.)

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