UK Music’s Apprenticeship scheme has two very simple objectives, to support music employers to hire committed, passionate apprentices and help get talented people into paid jobs in the music industry. 
There are a broad range of apprenticeships that fit with the music industry from live events and promotion, creative and digital media.  Not all apprenticeships need to be in creative roles there are also frameworks / standards available for IT roles, finance and general administration.

For more information and to search for vacancies use following links for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
England -
Wales -
Scotland -
Northern Ireland -

• An Apprenticeship is a way for people to earn a wage while they train in a real job, gaining a qualification and laying the foundations for a successful future.
• You can be recruited into a range of industry-specific roles, including live events and promotion, and creative and digital media.
• You might also consider becoming an apprentice to fulfil operational roles, such as IT, finance and administration.
• Go to for more info if you are thinking about becoming an apprentice.

• Funding to help with the costs of employing an apprentice.
• Opportunity to choose an apprenticeship that directly addresses your business needs.
• The opportunity to make your organisation more effective, productive and competitive.
• Go to the following link for a useful guide if you are an employer considering taking on an apprentice:
• Go to this link to find out more about the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers – this runs until July 31st:
• Employer incentives of £1,000 are available for SME's (less than 50 employees) who take on apprentices 16-18 years old or apprentices aged between 19 and 24 and who either has an education, health and care plan provided by the local authority or who has been in the care of the local authority.

• Support to hire your apprentice from start to finish and ongoing support.
• We can help you choose the type of apprenticeship that best suits your job role.
• We can match you with a training provider who can offer free recruitment services and advertise your job role.

• An apprentice must be employed for at least a year and work at least 30 hours per week, this includes any time out of the office attending apprenticeship training.
• At present, apprentices must be employed and cannot be freelancers, however if you are a small business, freelancer or sole trader, our Apprenticeship Training Service (ATS) can employ the apprentice on your behalf.
• Apprentices can be shared across more than one business.
• You must give your apprentice an induction into their role and provide on-the-job training.
• As with all employees, you are also responsible for the wages of your apprentice. But there are grants to help you meet these costs (assuming certain criteria are filled).

• The ATS can employ the apprentice and place them with a business as a ‘host’. The ATS provides the HR function for employers that do not already have one.
• There is a 16% (of salary) per month admin charge for this service and VAT is charged on the whole amount.

There are currently a range of grants to help employers meet the cost of employing an apprentice. Grants are available from:
• Central government
• Local Authorities

UK Music can advise you on which grants are available and offer free help with grant submissions.

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