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To download the Wish You Were Here 2016 data for the South West please click here.

13/06/16: Today UK Music publishes Wish You Were Here 2016 – A new report that reveals the vast contribution of music tourism to the local South West economy.

The study showed that 851,000 music tourists visited the region in 2015 to attend a live concert or music festival. These visitors generated a staggering £295 million in total for the local economy, and helped sustain 3,658 full-time jobs across the South West.

Music festivals and concerts have been adding to happiness and wellbeing for decades. Importantly music tourism has been driving wealth into recovering local economies across the whole of the UK. Wish You Were Here 2016 clearly shows the value of live music and music tourism to the South West through live concerts and festivals and the huge boost that it continues to bring to the area both culturally and economically.

The report also highlights the city of Exeter and breaks down economic and cultural scale and impact of live music and music tourism within the city, where last year 49,000 attended music events including 14,000 music tourists, who generated £6 million in revenue for the city.

£295 million generated by music tourism in the South West in 2015
851,000 music tourists attending music events in the South West in 2015
3,658 full time jobs sustained by music tourism in 2015
49,000 total attendance at music events in Exeter in 2015
14,000 music tourists generated £6 million in Exeter last year

David Warburton MP for Somerton and Frome said:

“Music tourism is an intrinsic and a crucial part of the economy here in the South West.  And, vitally, it not only provides the area with the lifeblood of tourism, but it also gives voice to the creative and artistic impetus which is such a key part of West Country life. The huge pull of music in our area is fundamental to our whole economy and is something which must be nurtured and supported as we build towards the future.”

Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter said:
“I am very pleased that UK Music has shone a light on live music in Exeter. Venues such as the Cavern Club have contributed to a total live music attendance of 49,000. 29% of those attending gigs and festivals in the city are music tourists. These visitors generate £6 million to the local economy. The Government must ensure that venues are protected and our live scene can continue to flourish.”

Jo Dipple, UK Music Chief Executive said:
“The appetite for live music has continued to grow. Last year overseas music tourism increased by 16%, whilst British music events were attended by a staggering 27.7 million people in 2015. What this report shows, unequivocally, is the economic value of live music to communities, cities and regions.”

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