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To download the Wish You Were Here 2016 data for Northern Ireland please click here.

13/06/16: Today UK Music publishes Wish You Were Here 2016 – A new report that reveals the vast contribution of music tourism to the Northern Irish economy.

The study showed that 248,000 music tourists visited Northern Ireland in 2015 to attend a live concert or music festival. These visitors generated a staggering £84 million in total for the local economy, and helped sustain 1,031 full-time jobs across the region.

Music festivals and concerts have been adding to happiness and wellbeing for decades. Importantly music tourism has been driving wealth into recovering local economies across the whole of the UK. Wish You Were Here 2016 clearly shows the value of live music and music tourism to the Northern Ireland through live concerts and festivals and the huge boost that it continues to bring to the area both culturally and economically.

The report also highlights the city of Belfast and breaks down economic and cultural scale and impact of live music and music tourism within the city, where last year 680,000 attended music events including 237,000 music tourists, who generated £62 million in revenue for the city.

£84 million generated by music tourism in Northern Ireland in 2015
248,000 music tourists attending music events in Northern Ireland in 2015
1,031 full time jobs sustained by music tourism in 2015
680,000 total attendance at music events in Belfast in 2015
237,000 music tourists generated £62 million in Belfast last year

Ian Paisley Jr MP for North Antrim said:
“Northern Ireland has seen a spectacular growth in its music industry. From the manufacture of the finest guitars and other instruments or to the world class performances that many get to enjoy Northern Ireland is fast become a centre of music tourism excellence. In a country of less than two million people it has in the last year generated £84 in spend from 250000 visitors and sustains over 1000 jobs. In a part of the country that once echoed to the sound of gunfire it now taps its feet to a more pleasant beat.”

Jo Dipple, UK Music Chief Executive said:
“The appetite for live music has continued to grow. Last year overseas music tourism increased by 16%, whilst British music events were attended by a staggering 27.7 million people in 2015. What this report shows, unequivocally, is the economic value of live music to communities, cities and regions.”

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