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Here, There and Everywhere 2023

Here, There and Everywhere outlines the impact of the eagerly anticipated resurgence of live music in 2022 – the first full year of post-pandemic festivals, gigs and concerts in the UK, and shows the international reputation of the UK’s live music events.

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Music tourists were attracted by the return of major events such as Glastonbury, where headliners included Sir Paul McCartney, and UK tours by top British artists, including Dua Lipa, Stormzy, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Elton John. 

The key findings for 2022 of Here, There and Everywhere include: 

  • Total number of music tourists attending live music events across the UK in 2022 was 14.4 million.  
  • Total number of foreign music tourists in 2022 was 1.1 million. 
  • Total number of domestic music tourists in 2022 was 13.3 million. 
  • Total music tourism spending in 2022 was £6.6 billion. 
  • Total employment sustained by music tourism in 2022 was 56,000. 

The data also revealed that:  

  • Total attendance at UK festivals and concerts in 2022 was 37.1 million. 
  • A total of 6.5 million music fans attended festivals in the UK in 2022.  
  • A total of 30.6 million people attended concerts (which includes everything from arena shows to grassroots gigs).  

UK Music estimates that the £6.6 billion that music tourism supported last year could increase significantly by 2030 – with the right support from Government, local councils and others to spread growth and job across the UK. 

A key part of the report focuses on the action that towns and cities across the UK can take to use music to help turbo-charge their local economies and support jobs.  

A special toolkit (Music Powerhouses Toolkit: A Guide For Towns, Cities and Regions) outlines how local authorities and others can utilise existing funding and spaces to help music thrive across the UK.   

The toolkit includes four recommendations for local councils on how to build their own music communities: 

  • Use data to ensure music is at the heart of planning and licensing policy. 
  • Create a register of available spaces and places to support music activities. 
  • Enshrine music and the local community in regeneration and development. 
  • Set up or support city-wide music advisory boards. 

Here, There and Everywhere also features a breakdown of music tourism data for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – as well as in the eight English regions.