UK Music has gathered together in this Guide generic information on different means of personal and business/company finance and created a resource that is intended to be simple to follow.  It does not amount to advice (from UK Music or anybody else) with respect to the merits of any of these various products and services, or as to whether any of them is suitable in your personal circumstances.  

A number of the ideas described in this Guide relate to different types of investment regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  UK Music is not regulated by the FCA and is not in any circumstances to be understood as offering to enter into business which is subject to FCA regulation.  Most FCA-regulated investments are complex, and you should always consider taking independent financial advice before becoming involved with any such investments.

Nothing in this Guide is a representation that a specific product or service which may be of interest or relevance to you is going to be available for you (either at an affordable cost or at all).

This Guide has been prepared with the assistance of SRLV LLP and HowardKennedyFsi LLP, who have provided a measure of financial/fiscal and legal/regulatory advice, respectively, to UK Music.  Neither SRLV LLP nor HowardKennedyFsi LLP is providing any advice, in or through this Guide, to any persons making use of it.  Each is available to provide professional advice (in relevant or appropriate circumstances) via its own web site, which can be accessed from the banners which these two firms have placed on the UK Music web site home page.  It may be appropriate for you to seek accounting, tax, fiscal, financial, legal or other professional advice from other professional firms, for example because of their specialisation in the sort of musical or professional activities with which you are involved.

This Guide offers links to a variety of external services, some of which are organised or promoted by the UK Government or some of its executive agencies.  UK Music does not accept responsibility for anything which may arise as a consequence of your following any of those links.

UK Music will update this Guide from time to time, during which periods the Guide will not be available from this web site.  UK Music is not responsible for the consequences for any user of the Guide of its non-availability during such periods.

The content of this Guide is copyright UK Music.   You may not print the Guide or take electronic versions for general or mass-distribution   You may not incorporate the Guide or any part of it into any publication that you may be preparing (whether printed or electronic) without the express prior consent of UK Music.   You may print any or all of the pages from this Guide or save them to a local computer, exclusively for personal use or reference, or for discussion with your professional adviser.   Please note that printing and saving to disc may affect the format of the pages in question, and UK Music is not responsible for any such changes and the effect they might have on the interpretation of the content of the Guide.   You should always regard the web site version of the Guide as paramount.   Please also note that UK Music is not responsible if attempting to print or download or save to disc any pages from this Guide causes your own computer or other equipment or any software thereon to malfunction or misbehave.

This Disclaimer is relevant to the Guide.   It applies in tandem with the general Disclaimer that applies to the whole of the UK Music Web Site.   Insofar as the Guide is concerned, should those two Disclaimers be inconsistent, this one applies.

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