Past Campaigns

Past campaigns UK Music has organised.

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UK Music has run campaigns on a variety of issues such as copyright remuneration, saving music venues, and improving the music industry’s talent pipeline.

Save Our Summer

Let the Music Play: Save Our Summer 2021 report outlines a clear strategy to protect and support the multi-billion pound live music industry so it is ready to restart when safe to do so later in 2021.

Let The Music Move 

Launched on July 2nd 2020, Let The Music Play was a campaign that aimed to highlight the importance of the music sector to the UK’s economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talent Pipeline

UK Music has been campaigning for better provision for music education, which is vital for our talent pipeline.

Agent of Change
UK Music has led the campaign to get the “Agent of Change” principle enshrined in law to protect venues from developers.

Love Music
Love Music was UK Music and its members campaign to save music online.

Selfie Leave
Was a campaign we supported to call on the Government to update the shared parental leave and pay rules to include self-employed parents.

#LetItBeeb is a campaign organised by UK Music on behalf of the entire UK music community.