UK Music welcomes the digital economy bill

DATE: 20 November 2009

The UK’s commercial music industry welcomes today’s (November 20th) publication of the Digital Economy Bill and Government’s commitment to support the creative industries.

The Bill outlines Government’s plans to reduce online copyright infringement.

Feargal Sharkey, CEO UK Music commented: "The Digital Economy Bill lays the foundation for Britain’s creative future and has the full support of UK Music.

"The clear purpose of this Bill is to move everyone forward. To help promote further investment in a new and diverse range of licensed digital services, and to grow a sustainable online market that will benefit all artists, composers, musicians, investors, entrepreneurs and music fans.

"Our focus is not to disconnect, but to reconnect. To reaffirm and recognise the value of creative works, both to individuals and to the UK economy.

"However, for this market to evolve and flourish there must be breathing space to allow all sides to adapt. Government intervention can provide that impetus.

"In this wider context, our industry continues to develop and partner with emerging digital services. ISPs and tech companies must work with us, and it is imperative that we reach out together to genuine fans of music.
"For the future of creative businesses in the UK and our continued ability to succeed and dominate a global stage, Government support and intervention is not only welcome, it is vital."

More detail on the Bill can be found here:

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