UK Music welcomes skills analysis for music

Date: 3 March 2011

Creative & Cultural Skills, the Sector Skills Council for the creative and cultural industries, has this week launched the Music Blueprint, an in-depth research document that has identified and analysed the skills needs of the Music industry throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Music Blueprint aims to ensure the sector remains productive and in the best possible position to reach its economic potential. In collaboration with employers, trade associations and representative membership organisations, the sector was consulted widely on important areas such as management and leadership, diversity, entry routes in the workforce, careers advice, continuing professional development (CPD) and business support.

The Blueprint draws upon the UK Music Skills Audit, a survey of the sector’s skills and training habits carried out in collaboration with UK Music in summer 2010 which garnered a further 500 employer responses.

The research has revealed that only 30% of the music industry had undertaken any form of training in the previous year.   With the need for better business development and copyright management skills identified as paramount, The Music Blueprint calls for more investment in and recognition of the importance of training.

Alison Wenham, Chairman & Chief Executive, Association of Independent Music, says: “As both a cultural and economic export, the UK’s music sector is a world leader. The Music Blueprint comes at a time of great change, opportunity and risk for the sector. New digital platforms have opened up a wealth of opportunities and new business models, bringing with them new skills needs. Our research amongst employers and freelancers in the music sector has highlighted their concerns over the suitability of current training for both new entrants and existing personnel. Although the British Music Industry is world renowned, and one which we are immensely proud of, we need to keep it that way.  The Music Blueprint will provide the navigation to ensure our continuing international success”.

A pdf version of the Music Blueprint can be found here.

Creative & Cultural Skills is the sector skills council for the creative and cultural industries. Their remit includes craft, cultural heritage, design, music, performing arts and visual arts across the UK.

Founded in 2004, Creative & Cultural Skills was granted a new licence to operate in January 2010. Creative & Cultural Skills is a member of the Alliance of Sector Skills Councils. Together we oversee the strategic development of the workforce in our industries and deliver realistic solutions to skills needs.

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