UK Music Takes Our Manifesto For Music To Green Party On Conference Road Trip

UK Music's Hannah McLennan joined the Green Party conference after taking our Manifesto for Music to Brighton as delegates gear up for the General Election.

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14.10.2023: UK Music’s Interim Head of Public Affairs Hannah McLennan attended the Green Party conference after taking our Manifesto for Music to their conference in Brighton. 

The conference earlier this month gave Hannah the chance to meet key Green Party members interested in the creative industries, including Baroness Natalie Bennett.

Joining the Green Party Culture, Media, and Sport (CMS) working group AGM as an observer, Hannah heard Green Party members discuss how to approach culture in their manifesto ahead of a potential General Election next year.

Hannah attended a speech by the Green Party deputy leader Zack Polanski, a current London Assembly Member and chair of the London’s Environment Committee. He set out the vision for the Party and spoke about the key aims for their manifesto.

She met with two members of the CMS working group to discuss UK Music’s Manifesto for Music. They were particularly interested in UK Music’s work on Artificial Intelligence ahead of a Green Party motion on AI being voted on later that day. Hannah shared more about UK Music’s Here, There and Everywhere report, published earlier this year.

Later, she met the Green Party Policy Development team and some members of the prospective candidates’ office, once again sharing our Manifesto for Music.

Hannah also went to a panel on AI, hosted by the organisation Connected by Data and featuring panellists Professor Andrew Stirling, from the University of Sussex, and Baroness Natalie Bennett, a Green Party Peer. Baroness Bennett made some very interesting points which aligned with the music industry’s work on this area around copyright and deepfakes.

During the Q and A session, Hannah asked a question on protecting the creative industries and the potential of a personality right being introduced to the UK. Baroness Bennett was very interested in this work, reiterating the importance of protecting the creative industries and suggested a follow up meeting with UK Music.


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