UK Music reacts to election of Donald Trump as US President

09/11/2016, London UK Reacting to the election of Donald Trump as the next US President, UK Music chief executive Jo Dipple said: “Trump’s presidency will no doubt usher in a new phase of politics favouring protectionism and nationalism.

“There are some clear similarities with Brexit. There is a political mood which favours protecting national interests both in the US and in the UK. The Trump victory will undoubtedly bring with it visa implications for overseas nationals and therefore British bands who want to work in the US. This compounds ongoing concern about the visa system for British musicians visiting the US, as well as the 27 remaining EU markets which are dependent on the yet-to-be detailed withdrawal from the EU.

“UK Music is part of the Musicians Union Visa Task Force which is meeting US consul general Debra Heien on Monday to discuss the rising and prohibitive cost of access to the US market for British bands. UK musicians should enjoy the same access to the US which American artists have to the UK. The meeting will also be the first contact between British music and US officials following Trump’s election, and may give us a sense of the new administration’s approach. “There are many questions over Trump’s plans in so many areas of policy, details of which are yet unknown. And like Brexit, the implications and impact of his Presidency will take months and years to be felt.

“We do know from his comments during the campaign that Trump is highly sceptical of Google and his Presidency may bring a sea change of policy thinking to companies that have operated without constraint over global markets. There might be an opportunity to challenge the grip that Google has had over White House copyright policy if Trump refuses to play the game like his predecessors - and we know he doesn’t like the old game.

"British music has consistently risen above challenges and disruption and we will continue to do so, however many bricks are in the wall.”

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