UK Music Chief Welcomes New PM And Urges Liz Truss To Support UK’s World-leading Music Industry

UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin has welcomed victorious Conservative leadership contender Liz Truss to her new job as Prime Minister.

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05.09.2022: UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin has welcomed victorious Conservative leadership contender Liz Truss to her new job as Prime Minister.

He congratulated her on the new role after the outcome of the Conservative  leadership battle was announced, but urged her to make tackling the crippling cost of living crisis facing the music industry a key priority.

Following a leadership contest that often focussed on potential tax cuts, the UK Music chief executive called on the new PM to repeat the action the Government took to help the music and hospitality sector during the pandemic when the VAT rate was cut from 20% to 5%.

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said: 

Congratulations to Liz Truss.  We look forward to working with the new Prime Minister and her ministerial team at what is an immensely challenging time for the country.

“During the campaign, Liz Truss rightly talked about the need to tackle the crippling cost of living – and she must now deliver on that commitment immediately. Without urgent action to help music venues, studios and other music businesses, there is a real risk that many will go to the wall.”

“Rocketing costs have created an existential threat for many music businesses and it’s vital the Government acts swiftly to protect the recovery that was under way in the music industry after the pandemic.

“Music venues alone have seen their fuel costs spiral by more than 300%, according to The Music Venue Trust.

“The Government should make a significant cut to VAT from its current 20% rate to 5% – just as it did during the pandemic – and throw a lifeline to music businesses and help them through this crisis.

“Without urgent support, there is a real chance that the billions spend keeping businesses and venues afloat during the pandemic will be wasted and that would be a tragedy.

“We risk losing cherished venues, studios and other music companies forever. That would be a devastating blow and cause irreparable damage to the talent pipeline that ensures the UK produces global music stars.

“We all experienced the huge void there was without live music during the pandemic when venues were shut for months.  Without swift help for venues, studios and music companies struggling with soaring fuel bills, we risk losing them forever – and along with them a key part of the cultural fabric of our lives.”

Last month, UK Music wrote to both Tory leadership contenders and urged them to back six pledges to support the UK music industry.

The six pledges are:

  • retaining a “global gold standard” for copyright protection
  • cutting the red tape facing UK musicians and crew touring the EU
  • supporting UK music globally by boosting the funding for export schemes
  • creating a fiscal incentive to encourage new music production
  • reducing the tax burden on music industry businesses
  • protecting the talent pipeline and securing the future of music education

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