UK Music Chief Outlines Industry Concerns Over Artificial Intelligence

UK Music's Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl outlined to Musicians' Union members the industry's concerns about Artificial Intelligence. 

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UK Music’s Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl has outlined to Musicians’ Union members the industry’s concerns about AI.

In an interview in the latest edition of union’s The Musician magazine, Tom said: “UK Music’s principal concerns around AI relate to the need for consent and transparency.

“Large language models are being developed by AI companies that allow entirely new music to be generated based on existing pieces of work. 

“It’s unclear what, if any, permission has been granted by creators and owners of existing works for these works to be ingested into AI systems.”

Tom acknowledged that AI can “present great opportunities for musicians to do what they do best – create and perform”.

However, he warned that action was needed if the government was to achieve its ambition for the creative industries to become a key sector for future growth.

Tom said: “Music’s ability to contribute to this is severely undermined if AI is allowed to grow at our expense. Protections and safeguards are of fundamental importance to allow both music and AI to grow in tandem.”

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