Music Industry Leaders Unveil Partner Organisations In Bid To Step Up Diversity & Inclusion Work

27.07.2021: Music industry leaders have joined forces with a host of charities and other organisations to boost the sector’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion. 

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27.07.2021: Music industry leaders have joined forces with a host organisations to boost the sector’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion.

UK Music, the collective voice of the music industry, and its members are spearheading the move following the call from the UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce.

The initiative is a key part of the ambitious Ten-Point Plan published last October, as part of UK Music and the Diversity Taskforce’s work to ensure the music industry is more diverse and inclusive.

As part of the Ten-Point Plan, UK Music and its members agreed to identify and work closely with socially engaged organisations and charities whose work relates to gender and race – and with whom they can invest in on a long-term basis.

Every member has now identified organisations with which it plans to work closely as part of their commitment to meeting the targets set out in the Ten-Point Plan.

UK Music is partnering with Parents and Carers in Performing Arts (PiPA), an organisation which aims to promote best practice employment and support for parents and carers in the performing arts sector. (See below for a full list of members’ partner organisations).

The Ten-Point Plan was developed by the UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce and has the full support of UK Music’s ten board member bodies: AIM, BPI, FAC, The Ivors Academy, MMF, MPA, MPG, MU, PPL and PRS for Music. (See notes to editors for more details of the Plan).

UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said:

“There is a real determination and commitment across the music industry to quicken the pace of change when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

“UK Music are working with PiPA – a fantastic organisation which does such brilliant work for parents and carers in performing arts.

“All our members are now working closely with an array of impressive organisations and I am confident these partnerships will flourish and do great work in the months and years ahead.”

Cassie Raine Co-founder and Joint CEO of Parents and Carers in Performing Arts said:

“We are delighted to partner with UK Music and honoured to be supported as part of its Diversity Taskforce’s Ten-Point Plan.

“We have already started working together and look forward to put in place actions through our partnership.

“Parents and Carers are a sub-sector of every protected characteristic and there is an urgent need to remove systemic barriers to retain these experienced and talented women and men.

“There isn’t a one size fits all solution, but by identifying a range of sustainable, research-led strategies and tools for employers to enable people to continue working at every stage of their lives, we can begin to take practical steps towards a more inclusive and diverse music industry.”

UK Music Diversity Taskforce Chair Ammo Talwar MBE said:

“The Ten-Point Plan is already leading the way and showing what can be done when it comes to tackling racism and ensuring the music industry is more diverse and inclusive.

“Ensuring UK Music members partnered with organisations to drive forward change was an important part of the Plan and it’s great that this work is already under way.

“However, there is still much more work to be done and we will continue to work with the music industry to ensure it is at the vanguard of the positive changes we all want to see.”

CEO of PRS For Music Andrea Czapary Martin:

“We have worked with so many organisations over the years who inspire us and have helped us to create meaningful change within the music industry. From our partners PRS Members’ Fund and PRS Foundation, to Keychange, Girls I Rate and Oh Yeah Music Centre, to name a few. We know that working together, will help us move forward together.”

CEO of PPL Peter Leathem said:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Small Green Shoots, BAPAM, The Cat’s Mother Network and Black Music Coalotion nd I am proud of  PPL’s support of these organisations and the amazing work they do.”

Director of People and Organisational Development at PPL Kate Reilly said:

“A year on from the introduction of the UK Music Ten-Point Plan, PPL is proud of the relationships it has built with organisations tackling gender and racial imbalances. For a number of years we have been a close partner of Small Green Shoots, which helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds – “shoots” – kick-start their careers in music.

“Since February we have been sponsoring and coaching our own shoot, on top of the in-kind resources and expertise we provide. We have also become a regional partner of The Cat’s Mother, a network of established women in the music and creative industries offering voluntary consultancy to aspiring young women from low-income backgrounds.

“We have worked together on the organisation’s first series of events and have also rolled out mentoring opportunities to PPL staff. We are excited to continue working with these organisations to bring about an equitable, diverse and inclusive music industry.”

CEO of AIM Paul Pacifico said:

“We have partnered with she in so many positive ways over the last several years and supported their various programmes. It was a real pleasure to build on our existing relationship when they joined as our first ever Community Friend this year. and AIM share a sense of independent spirit and the importance of being part of a supportive community, so coming together in this way and working with a deepened sense of partnership feels like a natural next step that will benefit both organisations and the people we exist to support.”

She Said So said:

“Huge thank you to AIM for choosing us. We can’t wait to see how the partnerships start impacting the make up of the industry.”

Chief Operating Officer at BPI MJ Olaore said:

“There is real momentum for change across the music industry to promote EDI and address continuing issues that still inhibit equal opportunity and inclusion for all. So the work focused through UK Music’s Ten-Point Plan remains a priority and we re-state our commitment to it.”

MMF said:

“Over the past year we’ve been collaborating with The Zoo XYZ through our MMF Unite programme, creating an open forum for learning and discussion addressing racism in music and part of our wider commitment to UK Music 10 Point Plan.”

The Zoo XYZ said:

“The conversation have been very informative during these times!”

Musicians’ Union said:

“We’re proud to be supporting Girls I Rate as part of our UK music Ten-Point Plan commitments. We have always championed their work, and we look forward to working together to create an industry where women can thrive, have equal access to opportunity, and equal representation.”

Girls I Rate said:

“In 2020, the Musicians’ Union became a partner of GIR via the GIA Academy where we run mentorship sessions and masterclasses on various topics within the music industry. Through their support we have be able to faciliate a number of sessions which include mentors from various organisations including Atlantic Records, Downtown Music Services and PPL. We are grateful for our on-going relationship with the MU. Their support has empowered and educated the future generation of women wanting to break into the music and creative industries.”

FAC said:

“The FAC continues to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. As part of the UK Music Ten-Point Plan, we’re excited to have partnered with inspiring organisations, including PRS Foundation’s Power Up programme and BlackLives in Music, to fight for a fairer music industry.”

FAC CEO David Martin said:

“Having worked to develop and support the publication of UK Music’s Ten-Point Plan, the FAC has since been actively working towards adopting its principles to support a more diverse and inclusive music industry.We recognise this cannot be done alone, therefore we are delighted to have partnered with organisations such as Black Lives In Music and with PRS Foundation’s POWER UP intiative, who are both carrying out critical work towards diversifying all parts of our music industry.”

CEO of PRS Foundation Joe Frankland said:

“While developing the long-term, ambitious POWER UP programmer to tackle anti-Black racisim in the music sector, getting buy in from all parts of the industry was vital. From the outset, the FAC have been all in – offering extensive membership benefits to our participants, support with mentoring, and going the extra mile to help us to launch successfully. So we look forward to working with the FAC and their inclusive community of artists for years to come to bring about meaningful change.”

Black Lives In Music said: 

“Black Lives In Music is proud to be working in partnership with Featured Artist Coalition. It’s important that the music industry can show itself to be a representative and inclusive community. The aims, objectives and values of our organisations are very much aligned. We look forward to continuing our work together in supporting equality of opportunity and championing the rights of all musicians.”

MPA said:

“As part of  UK Music’s 10 Point Plan, we have been excited to partner with incredible organisations such asMy Runway Group, Keychange, Small Green Shoots, and more, to invest in our industry’s future.”

GM and COP of MPA Lucie Caswell said:

“Organisations such as My Runway Group do vital work to increase representation across the creative industries and inspire the next generation of creatives and black-owned businesses. We are thrilled to be able to work with My Runway to provide access to our training courses, employment opportunities and more.

“We are proud to be working towards a gender balanced music industry after signing the Keychange gender equality pledge towards achieveing 50% board representation of women and under-represented genders. The MPA is working hard to encourage inclusivity across our businesses and striving to show leadership for our sector.

“The MPA is decicated to developing the careers of new entrants into our sector and working with organisations like Small Green Shoots helps us to introduce new generations to the work of music publishing. We are commited to championing a diverse music business that allows anyone to succeed regardless of gender, race, sexuality or background.”

Natalie Wade, CEO of Small Green Shoots said:

“Having MPA and PMLL take on our Young Shoots in secondment positions has been amazing. Both have graduated onto paid work there and had really useful experiences and increased their networks. MPA is the type of partner that not only transforms the chances of our young people, but also supports us as an organisation, intuitively thinking of us when opportunities arise.”

Progress on the Ten-Point Plan is assessed annually to ensure that markers are met to the best of each organisation’s ability.

All actions on the Ten-Point Plan aim to influence musicians, audiences, communities, legislators and other stakeholders in the drive to bring about positive and lasting change.

The organisations that UK Music members are working with include:

Black Lives in Music

The BRITS School

The Cats Mother

East London Arts and Music (ELAM)

Girls I Rate

The Midi Music Company

My Runway Group

Parents and Carers in Performing Arts (PiPA)

PRS Foundation

Small Green Shoots

She Said So

Women in CTRL


More details on UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce Ten-Point Plan can be found here.

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